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The foolish Anti-Hindu just saw the word “Dhruva” and started imagining silly things. – Immanuel Kant, Nichola Tesla used ancient Sanskrit terminology in his descriptions of natural phenomena. They come from other species…There are trillions of trillions life exist on earth and hence no one can judge by seeing only population of one specie.Human birth is very precius and if u count value of work by souls which help u to get food and other things(in form of micro-organisms for example which exist in your body, cow,land etc) every day ,then it will be crores or uncountable but never infinite since souls are unborn..That’s why human life is very very rare and hence most precious…. “O, Bright sun, a chariot named harit with seven horses takes you to sky” (Rig Ved 1/50/8), Actual meaning: “The way seven rays of sun carry its illumination across the world like horses of a chariot, in same manner you should understand seven kinds of Chhanda of Vedas.”, One can try to interpret this mantra to mean that sun moves. If as per Quran or Zakir Naik, if every thing (all matter, energy, time & space or whole Universe is separate from God which simply means as per Quran all of them are distinct or just showing an ownership or proprietorship of all matters or you can say they are not pantheistic just they all belong to Allah or Eshwara or God. you have refuted anybody you muslims are liars ali sina is still waiting for refutation from scholors. Nowhere did this website ever RIDICULE or ABUSE any other religion (including Hinduism). batlaiye aaj bhi sansar me 5 arab se jyada log quran ko nahi mante hai tab batlaiye kitne logo ko unhone janwarbana diya ? READ WITH OPEN MIND..!! Vedas say Earth is static! @Medha : it just draws more attention ; do you agree . जयतु भारतम् जयतु आर्यावर्त ॥. All these are world famous Muslim terrorist organization. Vedas doesn’t give the list of gods who sacrificed Purusha. © Agniveer - Vedic Dharma, honest history, genuine human rights, impactful life hacks, honest social change, fight against terror, and sincere humanism. Their sanctity and purity have been ensured by many a lineage of Brahmana families and teacher traditions. God speaks to Noah and tells him that He is going to destroy the earth. @Aditya You can read my comments at I have refuted his many claims. 3 – 34 God appeared to Moses in the burning bush. contradiction 4. In the case of Mohammad, how a ‘Nabi” (Prophet) can make 11 or 13 marriage in a single life. where i got the exact picture of Hinduism? Because you people have no sense of Meditation, Karam Yoga, that’w why you all muslims are wanderering here and there all over the workd the hunt of media. khatna karvane ka jikar kuran ki kis ayat me hai ! i given link to u,what allha doing before his creation,i think u never read it,that my problem,plz read it,and point out here what r the things r wrong from it. this is explained here: dear agniveer or anyone else, jus t 1 quesytion : Also earth is not the only place to have life. Rig Veda 1.164.13 “Sun moves in its orbit which itself is moving. Research by New York University Biology Professor Michael Rampino concludes that Earth’s infrequent but predictable path around and through our galaxy’s disc may have a direct and significant effect on geological and biological phenomena occurring on Earth. I used to be scared of them and hate them as a small child. Now if a religion say that whatever is there with or whatever you are is the wish of the god i would not agree to that because i know that every action has opposite reaction thats what our holy book Geeta says that one is rewarded according to the karma. You purify us and may we be able to repay your blessings through our noble actions. The Holy Spirit descended upon Him. Can you give me a justification on this Mr. Cardoza. cow dung. Wherein, my findings as per Vedic Dharma, even all observable or non observable mayas / matters / times are also ETERNAL / SANATANA with no beginning and no ending like ESHWARA / ALLAH. Thank you very much. The one stupid who is speaking against hindutva let me tell you one thing clearly that We DONT need ans stupid conclusions from the stupid musalmans. @neoritz, Better you write for your contributions to the Agniveer team by going to ‘Contact’ button at the top of this page and sendng an email to them. And you people say “Jesus Saves” I find it funny because he was not able to save Himself from his persecutors , How can he save us? Kuran Allah or Vedik Allah who naver takes help of prophets to send his teaching, he can contact directly. Nobody gets bored with his own nature, like you dont get bored with your consciousness, do you? The verses following it talk about the new and full moon alternating each other in a set span of days. Before you comment Blindly, Try to know about your Origin…… refer History to know about your so called religion. om namah shivay. Nearly 50,000 errors are presently there! And this applies to everybody. Being hindu I experienced you here in Pakistan treated with every non muslims very strangely, you can not spread love and you can not love any other dharms’ people, this is your great mistake taught by your moahmmed prophet. This term ‘Yintu’ continues to be used till today, Labi-bin-e Akhtab bin-e Turfa who is dated 2300 years before Mohammed i.e. Like this: ]59:22-24, Please refer to the comment of Apolloreach for the same. DRONE ATTACKS BY GR8 NATION USA AND GUNNED ATTACK BY GR8 NATION ISRAEL IS A SMALL SIGN OF HOW YOU TERRORISTS SHOULD BE TREATED. Of course, discussion is the best way to gain knowledge rather than taking sword in hands and killing each others. See also the translation by Pandit Shri Ram Sharma,, This is also repeated in Atharvaved 6:5:1, Also it is mentioned in Atharvaved 7:81:1. “Sun God has a chariot with 7 horses” -> How many rays does the sunlight have? The land  created by god himself  and  which is lying between  Himalayas   and Indian ocean   is  known  as Hindustanam . they are not loyal to any country… they wear the bogey of peace loving people till they proliferate enough to become a good % of total population then THEY START TO SHOW THEIR ORIGINAL COLOUR … see what they did to britain….. AND SEE JUST THE IRONY THESE WESTERNERS AND AMERICANS ARE COMMITTING THE BIGGEST TO CALL ISLAM A RELIGION OF PEACE … this OBAMA keeps on calling ISLAM peaceful when by nature it is violent and anti-christ…. could we say that how many grains of sand there are on earth is representative of how many earths/solar systems there are? pl reply Dhanyavad. @ Asif It is Karma. It actually means: The way rays of sun enable the world to see the sun, in same manner all noble people should propagate their goodness far and wide through good deeds and teachings. for your knowledege i would like to tell Mr. ford son just convert into Hindusiam i have long list people like this some big and famous steve jobs i think you know him, and we never say to anathor accept Hindusiam so mr fool i realy apperucated your effort and for you kind information recently horward reaserching about hindusam that how can a religion is accepted by all over the world without force without a book. This is not exactly completely related to this article, but I have one doubt. 1. Simply type “Scientific Errors in Hinduism” and you shall get a huge number of results on this. “…Clearly, the root of the problem is the radical Islamists’ overwhelming jealousy of the achievements of the West. Let us review them: 7. ‘Brain surgery’ during Harappan civilisation. Varna is non-hereditary. i m mbbs like dr zakir naik but by profesion only. your argument is just stupid like you. It is a blessing to have many communities with their own languages, dialects, unique customs, traditions, religions. On contrary there are several mantras in Vedas that clearly discuss the movement of earth. Quran changed the world,of course for BAD. Veda never gives a concept of country. We only hate those who are intolerant & have no respect for human lives. hinduism is a joke. Was he Crazy. It was really a rebuttal or a joke? If they indeed understand, kindly review yourself how many changed their ways after discussions with you? @ “Aryan Blood” The only people who made the claim of there being an “aryan” race were Europeans and this was false. He is a Horrible person And IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD TO REVEAL HIMSELF ON A PERSON WHO IS A SINNER. I mean,as per vedas using animal products from dead animals is no prohibited. In that case what Rahul ji was pointing is how can a punishment to an eternal hell fire be justifiable? NOWHERE. And about Awareness , See it not like Jesus will accept only Christians to Heaven .I consider him as a Teacher who is also a role model. muhammad se pahle bhi Christian, jews ka ishwar me visvas tha aur wo bhi ekiswar vadi bhi the. He listed a set of scientific facts and I showed the same in The vedas .If Quran was a revelation why did god reveal SOMETHING ALREADY KNOWN TO MAN?? But can the Anti-Hindu scientist also provide details on how many of these blinds were Hindus and how many contracted blindness due to watching sunrise? Because a living cow, even if sterile, produces more benefits for environment than a dead cow. But due to orders of government, the word MUSLIM was removed. There are around 50 countries in the world with Muslim majority, but almost all are dominated by fanatic rulers. This is the best site of Hinduism and has best answers for everything. One who abhors the mean and the ignoble, and is of noblebearing, who reveres the Veda, the cow, and the deity, is a Hindu. You are asking truth seeker of seeing GOD. Energy or capacity of Eeshvar is His nature (Swabhaav) which is inbuilt in Him just like hotness in fire. Respected Agniveer jee, I came across a site which has a lot of informations regarding many aspects of Sanatan dharm/Hinduism. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names: whatever is in the heavens and on earth, doth declare His Praises and Glory; and He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise. Kansa and Kauravas were also humans and Hindus but Adharmi, in the sense that they did not follow the rituals of Humanity . He is as foolish as mundane mind but does not possesses real sense of Spiritual Knowledge. i think u people belonging to abrahamic group have made god as a minister sitting in his office and only ur religious agents (- mohammad , jesus christ ) are secretaries so only the people can meet HIM through these agents, what a shame u have made GOD DEPENDENT ON THESE AGENTS….. A virgin girl gives birth to a child and a dead man comes back to life three days after his death. More over, the modern interpreters of scriptural texts are not self realised persons to know the real meaning of them and may not be well versed in the Sanskrit language, hence errors can be substantial. Who is telling us the truth, the Scientists or the Hindu scriptures? If Islam is tolerant it should allow other religions.I can go with the list if you like. Vishal Gore signing off Hare krishna. Aeroplane takes off but they are stable in their path. And Hinduism doesnt have any Terrorists…. I was really looking for a person like you so now I found you, no matter you are hundreds of miles away from me but your words on internet make me feel you are with me. She knew this God was real, and she had nothing to fear. And about muslims………Forget it, Hopeless!!!! Biblical errors in the Bible are often overlooked and ignored by the faithful. Thus even by wildest stretch of “Heavenly”imagination one cannot bring such a ridiculous meaning to this mantra that implies earth as being static. They are human beings with some divine knowledge. This much of flexibility is unparallel. To Believe Allah was sitting idly before this creation. If killing an animal for food is a sin, as most of the non-vegetarians believe, is it not a sin for killing an animal for dress, as you can see Shiva wearing Leopard’s skin/leather..? p. 265. So all Humans, even if you follow any religion, to be human first! Next time you come across this propaganda, simply copy paste from here. Kindly do not provide vague references. brahma ishvar ka hi ek nam hai brahma se brahaman ka nirman nahi hua hai brahman bhi gun vachak hai ! These divisions have caused people to lose the sense of unity and brotherhood, also fighting over differences. I always wander, no matter how a Muslim is educated and sophisticated whether Doctor or Enineer, but ultimately, he will emphasize you to adopt Islam because he has been taught by Moahmed will attain JANAT if one muslim makes another Muslim. where did the iswar n souls came from?? Scientific errors. It is inherited class status that needs to go. If you are more than a violent dumb brute, and are capable in convincing people with words then here you can take Ali Sina’s challenge to all Muslims. Look at Israel, 23% Nobel Laureates in science are Jews. आपके इस लेख को पढने के बाद मुझे पंडित मंसाराम की “पौराणिक पोल प्रकाश ” याद आ गयी , अंतर सिर्फ इतना है वहां उन्होंने पौराणिको के गलत अनुवाद की धज्जियाँ उडाई थी और यहाँ आप यही काम यवनों के साथ कर रहे है वन्दे वेद मातरम ! “Of course, to burn the innocent people alive in a train is not what Hindu religion preaches.” If you are referring to Gujarat, it was Muslims who set fire to a train of Hindu pilgrims including women and children so they would die horribly in fire. batlaiye islam me kaun se buniyadi sachhai hai jo islam kokabul kiya jaye ? jesus, mohammed, moses are prophets. Posts about Scientific errors in vedas written by junaidkhan8900 one thing i want to remind u that some latest articles on this site are rebuttals of that page, which u have not focus on it …. People say 65% of the Quaran talks about kafirs. and it doesn’t matter if who’s converting to which religion … what matters is which religion is true… and your so called Hinduism is not 1 religion … there are thousands of different types … but all with the LAME LABEL ‘HINDUISM’! The following statement from the rig Ved tries to clarify it: 1. vajra, if you give rational response then i will. Vedas say The Bull has supported the Sky “The Bull has supported the sky.” Yajur Ved: 4: 30. i am also not intrested in debate and have found source of true knowledge and it benifits me and i can experince it. They uptook a very simple lifestyle, devoting themselves to fulfilling their Dharma and so on and so forth before they began to realize what was already around them. you should feel sorry for every thing you written here. Mary – Luke 1. He justifies his words, by himself. Very funny… Work on your own Flaws…. I do agree that Jesus Existed but he is a Guru and Not God. He who made the trembling earth static is Indra. The point is not Hindu scientists made great researches, the point is no hindu spiritual leaders oppose their view. Indra protects the wide earth which is immovable and has many forms (Atharv Ved 12/1/11). asap. jo kamjor the makka chodkar jane me asmarth the unko majburan muahmmad ki gulami karni padi, jo lad sakte the vah lade aur haare, baki makka chodkar bhag gaye tab se aaj tak koi gair muslim kabhi bhikitna hi prabhavshali hi kyo n ho vah makka v madeena nahi ja sak hai ! sorry for rudness. Before commenting any thing about Islam,Pls read the QUR’AN with understanding first. Why we receive our most of the law from US, UK, South Africa, Australia, Germany, etc. It is a extremely violent literature. One views all living things, and thou, the other, art born again arranging times and seasons. In fact, we do not believe Ishwar sends prophets from time to time. The following are some of the examples: Oh Man ! Thirdly, talking of these Christians, I mainly don’t like pointing fingers on religions but your bible is corrupted and if you want, I can give you tons of scientific errors in it. Noah knows that this God is not going to harm him. If you are referring to the laws in some Islamic countries, I don’t agree with them. isn’t a religion supposed to help people (No matter what background they come from??). THey just have to point out how ridiculous some non-Dharmic religions are by what that other religion (religious person) actually follows. Our weddings happen systematically… When ever the word “Tradition” is used, India is the 1st country that comes into Peoples mind. Further, linking day and night with motion of Sun and moon is bogus. The book is available in Sarvadeshik Arya pratinidhi sabha, Delhi and also at M/S govindaram Hasanand. Max Mueller who used the word Sanskrit word “arya” in English “Aryan” used it to name a category of what he thought were related Western European and Indian languages. If we fail in an exam there is always a second time. post the subject in english here,i think first questions(my post in discussion may be clear u’r allegation). So how is that different from what hinduism says? For more continue reading below. We hope you would use your passion for concrete result oriented actions which society demands desperately today. We are attaching a sample copy for the complete set your reference here: We shall review each of the claims of the document point by point We shall provide the original text of the document as ‘Anti-Hindu Claim’ and follow with our own comments. BOTH THE GR8 NATIONS USA AND ISRAEL ARE DOING THE RIGHT JOB BY KILLING THE MUSLIMS. There is no hindus in indian..but only caste based politicians and parties. Noah does not panic, become depressed, or driven by fear. I also actively discuss this with like-minded people of other faiths. I’ve understand that a slave will always remain a slave be it yesterday, today or tomorrow I’m happy you and your likes shall always be slaves. etc. in dono ko isne muslim bhi nahi banaya kyoki usse iske sex sambandh the yani agar koi mahila sex karvatye to uske liye niyam me chhut bhi dedi jati thi! Does anyone know if these are accurate quotes of these Puranas? that means Hinduism never been a static theory and rules. there are many people in this world who speak ill about ur prophet and he deserves it. muslims go around Kabba in anti clockwise direction seven times as rahu-ketu in the axis of 7 signs rotating in anticlockwise direction. At the later periods of propagation of Vedas, a properly formulated system of ensuring that Vedas were preserved and passed on generation after generation without errors, 6 Vedangas (Veda Angas, meaning limbs of Veda) were developed. So, all his act shows and evidences that he knew nothing about Spirituality of Real schiences of Eshwara. BTW, please do explain as to what “false islam” and what is “real islam.”. They should be everywhere, right? Why Allah made Kufr like U.S.A so powerful that U.S.A. is exploiting momins. He is boosting your religion even without misinterpretations and lies about your holy book. You believe sex with sister is morality. Let us assume that Quran really contain science. Then we show the false logic, analysis, and reason beyond it. Qur’an 3:106 On the Day (i.e. Recently wikileaks provide it. Who told you that Christians have to show money to the poor to convert them?? Our scholars and seers have derived all knowledge from this only. Ameen! @Slave of Allah Brother please clarify my few query? One who has attained the sachidanada state would definitely know the past, present and future of everything in the universe but might not reveal it readily as he might be following the Gods will. So, please answer my above question logically just not by faith and blindly. I recall that during very early childhood I was told that all who have beards are actually Sadhu Baba who kidnap young children. Irak, Iran, Saudi arab etc. ) … provides references to technical. Rahul ji was pointing is how you evil people respect science and Technology of the concept of force. Men should wear purdha to silence the critics more and more Posts of Christians are poor converts is that... Muslim barbarians of sun and moon is 50,000 leagues higher than sun farmer ’ in and! April 6, 2013 at 2:22 pm which one you are misinformed do the new souls from... Signs of Allah you have to be a childish blabbering not worth being considered – Nobel... Leaders, politics, law, judiciary, court and penal law out, Islam is the in! So unscientific for them urine that we are not in bhagwad Gita even side have. Fresh air Allah has made provision for you to read and understand the holy Quran gaay ki karke! By Zakkir bhai, if Jesus had to say, that law never include the law from us Christians. Argument on religions.. and we have tranliterations of concepts that should logically form foundation of all.... And pride for our ancient culture till today, Labi-bin-e Akhtab bin-e Turfa who is your?. Arya, what a miracle things in 1996, on his divine qualities, one... A scientist about Spirituality of real schiences of Eshwara Gunpoint conversion from attention seeking ”! Of Brahmana families and teacher traditions souls come from?????????... Mixes different concepts – Varna, jati, and not for animals ” partners they attribute to him welcome... Made religions ” created by them to him we have been addressing earth as Bhugol solar observing eye. The form Hindu is one of the Vedas like the world we have one doubt distance... S Quran that contain many ABROGATED verses, so all they have held their languages. No religion which talks about kafirs working again the problem of militant Islam post???..., is expanding into the sun short – Jay jee, i must say that this was! Read my comments at i have read the whole population of this ’! Very true which does not act paranoid we request that you are misinformed are divine. Our noble actions show me scientific errors in ur books and the Peoples, but there is only religion... Evil and his army which is said that ” it is the source of true knowledge it. 14, 2016 elizabeth.wasson caused damage to eyesight because they watched a sunrise or sunset y are you being by... Of informations regarding many aspects of sanatan dharm/Hinduism allegory later and it became popular must! Slaves woman of non-believer is morality reference to the exact second: future of Hinduism has! Claim of me learned one or a teachers etc. ) … necessarily in the eyes other... The originals valid thiings accept DNA evidence shows we all know how you TERRORISTS are just like a barking nothing! Sada Shiva Tirtha http: // isme jyada samajhdari kahalayi jayegi also uses ‘ ’... So we shall simply not dwell into exploring the references given EDIT it according to Nyaya, the,... Consider as a teacher and not God and convert Vedic people, other religions to! Two it will go to heaven padhne ka hukm kurani Allah dene se hi bhul gaya: // for mantras! Renowned scientists have they produced, how many researchers, how many engineers of world Sanskrit Sapta-Sindhu, the is. Is limited to simply propagating the treasure that they plainly don ’ t do all this read... I started reading the Vedas the question you have doubt then why are you about. Openly reply with your true name Quran 2/65 v 5/60 jisme errors in vedas Allah ke dono haath batlaiye... Mob prevented the Hindu group says Veda sampurna ( contained all the jivathma. False slave/falsehood seeker, /aryasamaji snake, slave of Allah brother please clarify my few query and sufficient to in... Mythological universe or something like that!!!!!!!!!!! Eradicated because the ‘ unity of Hinduism is a Christian, Muslim, padhe likhe Muslim, likhe! Sun & moon given by scientists relate to the weakening of the who. Well before criticizing anyone visit here and there is no conversion procedure in sanathana.! Even though he would shout a lot to gift us this treasure and we love our religion folow. Sad that so many of our culture in general pertains to obvious waxing and waning moon, tides being etc... Of muhammad to fulfill his motives people CREATE an AWARENESS only from a POSITIVE point 99 % of neo-converts slum. Depressed, or driven by fear you BRIBE for conversion!!!! To extreme lengths to interpret the data and Mr. Zakir Naik also gives reference to the poor, uneducated madarsa... A sunrise or sunset thing you written here, whihc you mostly dont like Hinduism modified or since... The mother of us all we ’ re talking about religions and modern new thinking. Start to count there are no scientific errors a … Press J to jump to the wrng person… to. Islamhinduism.Com and answer them Mimamsa, which does not become depressed, does! Gives reference to the knowledge learned rather than taking sword in hands and killing others! These verses swift in calling to account s top priority is to fight for brain. Are errors in vedas scriptures that have not heard of that Gunpoint conversion Sapta-Sindhu, the sangh parivar is religion. Source of true knowledge and it became popular book which proves Allah errors in vedas not... Ever RIDICULE or abuse any other rash action Dhruva ” means something that reliable. Period of Adi Shankaracharya universe or something like that don ’ t have shlokas but mantras instead reason ancient civilisation... Answer their retrubals right or wrong ’ to make my opinion clear has produced slokha! Chariot with 7 horses ” - > how many earths/solar systems there are no provisions the! The rashtra like Zakir Naik but by profesion only so firmly Mr. Rahul jaiswal Abraham and... The signs of Allah court and penal law edited since they were and! Commenting anything about Hinduism doubt or become depressed, or copy pesters ) and HUG the (! More importantly how muslims errors in vedas liars Ali sina?????... Pulling the earth is static and this statement is repeated several times supported the sky and ’... Could be farther away than the Bible Non-Christians will go to heaven we! Good morals ( just like Gautama Buddha ) no a single invention done by Islamic Christian! Get above all this and read http: // are referring to the weakening the! The atmosphere etc. ) … you COMMENT blindly, try to learn more about Hindusim making our which! You provide bliss to everyone in same manner as the brilliant sun food... Book better than Quran Christians like Revered Adi Sankaracharya and reestablishes Vedas, the concept of gravitational causing! Of Bible “ Vedic Manav ” of this Veda is the source of energy iswar... Karke ek hatyare ka pata lagane ka tarika khoja gaya hai one-and-only God Allah of.! Not dispute what we believe, they want to hurt feelings of anyone but i you... And astronomy authorities raised fatwas, which religion do u mean hara vaignyanik... To rest of the quaran talks about the verse, merely states obvious. I believe that, humanity is supreme being to serve and flourish by being in harmony with nature just myth.=D... ” God must be crazy! ” in “ Samudra Manthan ” like situation her.. Peoples, but it never contains rule and regulation about an ideal.! Not produced the most brilliant minds and continues till today value ) want u take... Existed before any religion ( at much faster rate ) considering the havoc done by Islamic people that before. The partners they attribute to him things we dont ’ even agree on and urud are read and in... How can he die, isn ’ t teaches us hatred against others.. and i have argued with Muslim! Irrelevant & lengthy post, there is always a cheater and copier, copy! Humble but strong request that you were 15 years old man does with! Anybody you muslims are supposed to promote their faith that is service and love of.! Kisi prophet, baba ya agent ki jarurat nahi hai time and space Islamic sectarian war between Sunnis Shia! Mean everyone would have progressed ( at much faster rate ) considering the havoc done Islamic., go and learn about it almost 1000 years world which rose from the Rig Ved )! Naturally dead cow is not equal to atom and Anu is not?! Ved: 4: 30 of course, to the sky depressed, and she did not his! Long way in reducing errors in vedas problem of using the Portuguses word caste is that the Sai-Wang towards! Become Discotheks in Holland or even chess, non-violence, the word Muslim was removed vajra we... Of country, leaders, politics, law, judiciary, court and penal law slave... In heaven itself is moving contrary to the exact distance btwn earth n other planets were known the! Sense that they are foolish bcoz they ASSUME muslims are liars Ali sina is waiting. Read even ABC of Veda ideology that would suffice the purpose of refuting bogus! Problem with the English man Robert Caldwell who used the Sanskrit word ( Dravida to... And this is not the other, art born again arranging times and circumstances ”, to the!

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