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Josephine Lake sits at the head of Icicle Creek Valley, its sparkling blue waters an invitation to hikers looking for a place to stop for lunch or camp for the night. Turn back here, or turn left onto the Icicle Creek Trail and make a big, contouring descent of the lake basin to reach the shores of the lake. We only went as far as the beginning of the lake because the trail was closed beyond that due to … The main trail and the trail from the Lake Josephine boat dock join up at the far end (the western end) of Lake Josephine. Ramsey County Park Municipal Park. Groups in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness are limited to 12 people. On the return hike, our group crossed a bridge at the end of Josephine Lake to hike on the north side of both lakes. At midpoint along the lake, a trail to Grinnell Glacier turns and climbs to the west. Josephine Lake (4,681') is located 5.25 miles from Stevens Pass in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.It lies in a steep-walled bowl under the PCT - Icicle Creek Trail junction. From the parking area, the trail begins on a two-track road that runs parallel to CO 17. Once in the Many Glacier area, the easiest and most direct route to Lake Josephine is from the Grinnell Glacier Trailhead (Coordinates: 48.7969827, -113.6685409). Lake Josephine– Beaver Pond Loop: Riverfront Park is a hiking adventure located in or near Billings, WY. The loop can be done in either direction. Swiftcurrent Lake is immediately to the northeast of Lake Josephine and the two lakes are separated by a short (.3 miles (0.48 km)) stream. There are good views of some glaciers from there. Hiking the 5 miles to Josephine Lake from Stevens Pass will give you the chance to experience a stretch of one of the most famous hiking trails in the country. Highlights: Autumn colours overlooking Cowboy Mountain; swimming in clear and sparkling Josephine Lake; incredible reflection of the Bull’s Hoof at Lower Chain Lake; camping in front of the Upper Icicle Mountains and falling asleep under an entire galaxy of stars and planets. Enjoy & research Billings, Wyoming with trail guides, topo maps, photos, reviews & GPS routes on In another 0.5 miles, the trail passes Lake Susan Jane, then continues to an overlook of Josephine Lake. Photo about A spring view of a hiking trail along Lake Josephine at the base of Mount Gould in Many Glacier region of Glacier National Park, Montana, USA. The Josephine Lake Trail is 0.7 miles long. Overview: Josephine Canyon Trail #133 is a relatively lesser traveled trail down the large, lush southern namesake canyon leading away from Josephine Saddle. This trail starts at the boat dock on Swiftcurrent Lake where passengers load/unload from the Many Glacier Hotel.It briefly climbs up a roughly paved path through a pleasant forest for approximately a quarter of a mile before reaching the boat dock on the foot of Lake Josephine. This is the Northeast section of the park, with the closest town being St Mary, Montana. Josephine Lake Trail BCM Course Area Guide Base Camp Colorado Rocky Mountain School Base Camp BCM Denver Office ... the trail passes 60 foot Booth Creek Falls. This image of the trail along the lakeshore with the mountains and glaciers in the background was taken in Glacier National Park, Montana. South Shore Josephine Lake Trail is 1.75 miles long, while North Shore Josephine Lake Trail is 1.85 miles long. Looking back at Lake Josephine. Outside the campground there is a horse use area. Lake Josephine is located in the Many Glacier Area of Glacier National Park. Campsite: Middle Chain Lake Just go to the inlet of the lake and follow the well-maintained trail for a truly beautiful sight. Three gorgeous miles. lake josephine is a little lake just west of swift currant lake.....if your at Many Glaicer hotel there are 2 ways to get there #1 take a hike from amny glacier just take the trail around the lake #2 take a boat ride and get off and walk a 5 minutes to alke josephine....JUST SIT ON A ROCK AND ENJOY THE VIEW<<

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