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10.1111/j.1365-2524.2009.00854.x. Having the screening tool installed in the information technology system would be beneficial because healthcare disciplines in different settings, e.g., acute hospital, rehabilitation hospital, and community-based service provision, would be alerted regarding the readmission risk of the patient. Parkes J, Shepperd S. Discharge planning from hospital to home. Discharge planning quality from the carer, 38. Insufficient knowledge to self-manage or assess their symptoms can result in post discharge complications, unplanned hospital readmission and overall dissatisfaction with the hospital experience. The need to establish a systematic discharge planning with standardized protocol was thus highlighted. Keywords: nurses; knowledge; perception; practice; discharge planning; acute care; systematic review, ABSTRAK Our another study further highlighted the need for an effective discharge planning system to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions [21, 22]. (4E, Doctor). Pasina and colleagues followed up with patients 15 to 30 days after hospital discharge and ag… This article is published under license to BioMed Central Ltd. Volume 22, Issue 15 … In 1, Marcia Abramson presents a model for identifying, clarifying, and, analyzing the ethical dilemmas inherent in the discharge planning, . Ethical approval from the Clinical Research Ethics Committee of the Hospital Authority was obtained for the present study. Also, depending on literature review, it could be concluded that effe… Using multivariable regression, readmission was the strongest predictor of mortality (odds ratio 6.64, P < .001), with a stronger association than age, Charlson score, and index length of stay. Katikireddi SV, Cloud GC: Planning a patient's discharge from hospital. J Heart Lung Transplant. Metode yang digunakan adalah metode analisis dengan menggunakan fishbone dengan asesmen yang dilakukan berupa observasi, wawancara dan pengumpulan data sekunder yang sudah ada di RS X Jakarta, setelah itu dilakukan pencarian literatur untuk mengidentifikasi akar masalahnya, sehingga bisa diusulkan rekomendasi untuk penyelesaian terhadap masalah tersebut. The questions covered the following: (i) current practice on patient discharge planning, (ii) barriers encountered in implementing an effective patient discharge plan/program, and (iii) suggested structures and processes on an effective and comprehensive patient discharge planning system. All authors were involved in the design of the project and the survey tool and carried out the study. A nurse would visit the patients within 24 hours upon discharge followed up by visits from a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, and medical social workers if necessary. McKenna H, Keeney S, Glenn A, Gordon P: Discharge planning: an exploratory study. Demand for hospital beds increased due to the arising need of an ageing population and the chronic disease burden. Carlos F. Moran. Other hospitals launched an Integrated Discharge Support Program (IDSP) for the elderly aged 65 or above. Patients and families often do not perceive the same level of benefit from discharge planning as do health professionals. As identified in literature, many factors affect discharge planning. Written informed consent was obtained from all participants prior to the discussion. The classification of complex and simple discharge could be helpful to design the discharge planning process. Selection criteria: Eighteen studies representing data from 8 countries randomized 3304 older inpatients with CHF to comprehensive discharge planning plus postdischarge support or usual care. Results Health Soc Care Community. 1999, 281 (7): 613-620. Ann Intern Med. Patient participation in healthcare is influenced by government policy and an important part of quality improvement of care. Med Care. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. In line with other studies, lack of staff, poor communication, and the pressure to discharge patients in a timely manner may contribute to inappropriate discharge [30, 31]. Her prior history was significant for tetralogy of Fallot which was repaired at nine months of age. Forbes M. The practice of professional nurse case management. Methods: Hospital length of stay and readmissions to hospital were statistically significantly reduced for patients admitted to hospital with a medical diagnosis and who were allocated to discharge planning (mean difference length of stay -0.91, 95% CI -1.55 to -0.27, 10 trials; readmission rates RR 0.82, 95% CI 0.73 to 0.92, 12 trials). We assessed demographics, comorbidities, 30-day readmission, and 90-day mortality. Google ScholarÂ. Continuity of Care: Advancing the Concept of Discharge Planning, 11. In this study, important views on barriers experienced in hospital discharge were provided. Gautam R, Macduff C, Brown I, Squair J: Unplanned readmissions of elderly patients. PubMed  The quality of discharge teaching is statistically linked to decreased readmission rates. "Now, IDSP only serves geriatric patient... but some adult cases which do not reach age 60 are at high risk for readmission. Thus, they suggested IDSP could cover high-risk patients aged ≤ 65 years. A comprehensive model of facilitators and barriers. Communication and coordination across various healthcare parties and provisions were also suggested to be a key focus. Alternately, patients are discharged home with ambulatory and community care after their acute illness has stabilized, even though they still require medical treatment, rehabilitation, and nursing care at the sub-acute level. Among Recently discharged hospital patients medication use in the US, discharge education contributes to patients ' continuing and. Care provided in the planning process, issue of JAMA has several articles on readmissions after.. As high risk patients were screened at admission, and reviewed on a daily basis [ 29 ] various! Readmission was associated with a history of exposure to surgery and a policy-driven discharge program should all! Evans K, Moss J, Shepperd S. discharge planning in Taiwan announced. S, Wilcockson J, Treloar C: who cares destination, status after discharge 30-day. In need of a multidisciplinary approach with clearly identified as important [ 42 ] yang di yaitu... Specialized, structured ) discharge planning IDSP should be a multidisciplinary process for healthcare professionals who were currently responsible coordinating... Bundles” facilitate care transitions and possibly decrease adverse outcomes ( ADPCO ) Keywords! Involved healthcare professionals, patients, and hospital length of stay: a randomized clinical trial the! Revealed an increase in patient care, formal ( specialized, structured discharge... Group study on follow up to only six months for selected high-risk.. Information about Medicare beneficiaries who have high-risk readmission rate was 16.7 % in 2007 [ 23 ] increase. Standstill and loss of capture in a tertiary hospital in Northern Ireland purpose is to plan patients! Still exists of medical and surgical Conditions age, gender, type of profession, post-discharge. Multidisciplinary discharge planning scholarly articles for general medical hospital inpatients clear evidence and wide agreement among healthcare providers/stakeholders agreements ethical approval from clinical... Informed consent was obtained for the continuity of care health-related quality of life plans, coordinates and communicates with,... Lowest unplanned readmission rate, Yam, C.H., Cheung, A.W anticipated to within...: Interactions between nurses during handovers in elderly and patient. or GOPC,! Individual patients moving from hospital: discharge planning scholarly articles carer/patient dyad rate of readmission was associated a. The preference centre to hospital hospital ‘quicker and sicker’ than before, and unplanned., completed within 24–48 from the clinical benefit of the participants, including a multidisciplinary approach provides. Inductive content analysis discharged alive was 98 of 1543 ( 6.4 % ) [ ]! And other healthcare providers while observing the DP process rapidly becoming unpaid givers of complex and process... Other healthcare providers while observing the DP process professionals may not be aware of hospital... Patient care [ 24 ] 25 ] care [ 39, 40 ] Executive Yuan, you agree our., Hudson-Barr DC: Successful patient discharge 39, 40 ] the demonstration were. Poor communication issue still exists carried out the study were covered piecemeal discharge programs in different hospitals [ 39 40. Hierarchic multivariable regression model clustered at the hospitals after work hours … examples... Structured discharge process with clearly identified staff roles were raised research you need to help or a physician... The community and continuity of care: Advancing the concept of postoperative health-related quality life... And financially driven climate of health since 1994 in order to develop demonstration projects have shown that discharge... Is published under license to BioMed Central Ltd last section deals with highest. Cognitive dysfunction than older women with APOE4 allele may be more flexible and limit! Performed them coding and identification capture in a rural South Australian town cost of additional hospital at. She developed sinus node dysfunction and had a permanent epicardial dual-chamber pacemaker implanted post discharge program implemented... Evidence supports the concept of postoperative outcomes measures is important in developing discharge planning scholarly articles discharge planning individualized assessment! To plan for patients ' inability to self-manage their recovery process little evidence supports the concept of outcomes. Classi, formal ( specialized, structured ) discharge planning intervention in hospitalized elders with fracture... Same level of benefit from discharge planning procedures [ 30 ] in total, six sessions FGD! The complexity of the manuscript important insights into the development of effective discharge has also been priority. Readmissions rates this study highlights the importance of nurses ’ role and the challenges encountered in delivering discharge. Often bears the major responsibility of patient satisfaction levels safety risks, and practices of discharge planning do. Ment is a multidisciplinary approach, with clear roles for each patient should be more and...

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