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The theater itself offers three-tiered, red velvet seating with pale yellow walls and an enormous crystal chandelier overseeing it all. Quito - Ecuador La Compañía is Quito’s most ornate church and is internationally renowned for its gilded uniqueness. Quito’s historic district features a high number of impressive, ecclesiastical Roman Catholic landmarks, many from the 16th and 17th centuries. The owners of fruit and vegetable stalls welcome you in, while children playing on the street smile and wave. #12: Teatro Nacional Sucre (The Sucre National Theater) #9: Museo del Carmen Alto (Carmen Alto Museum) Now a boutique hotel and restaurant, its epic history, soaring ceilings, and original artwork offer guests a unique place to experience Quito in luxury and style. It also serves as one of the most pivotal and convenient spots to explore the Old Town from. City of Quito Quito, the capital of Ecuador, was founded in the 16th century on the ruins of an Inca city and stands at an altitude of 2,850 m. Despite the 1917 earthquake, the city has the best-preserved, least altered historic centre in Latin America. Right underneath the double-balconied building, small bustling shops sell everything from popsicles to Christmas decorations. Allow yourself a day or two to accommodate to the The Teatro Nacional Sucre offers both local and international musical performances ranging from jazz to classical – so rest assured that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Book cheap Quito Historic Center Historic Hotels now with the confidence of our Price Match Guarantee. The historic centre of Quito is one of the largest, least-altered and best-preserved in the Americas. The largest Historic Center in the Americas, tucked deep within a valley protected by giant Andean volcanoes at 2,800m (around 10,000 feet) above sea level. Discover a place to escape for the weekend with tasty local fare and unique sights. The red leather seats lead up to a large stage fringed with royal red velvet curtains. #1: Casa Gangotena Boutique Hotel (+593) 991450325 Yet Sundays stand out as my absolute favorite day to wander the cobblestone streets. How to get to Old Town Quito from the Airport. The astonishing mountain views, the hilly terrain, the layout of the ever-extending city and surrounding valleys, the prominent smell of fresh baked goods around every corner, the temperate climate and dynamic sky, simply put, are like no other. Wide, centuries-old stone stairs lead up to the towering wooden doors of the church, which covers three hectares (7.5 acres) and took over 200 years to build. From its exquisite rooftop terrace, one can enjoy an excellent view over the San Francisco Plaza and the historic district while savoring a handcrafted signature cocktail or delicious coffee… all before heading out to explore the secrets and wonders of the Old Town. Contact Us and first-class service. Address: Bolivar Oe6-41 y Cuenca Talk with an expert insider. Whether you want to experience the city like a tourist or follow the locals, check out this great resource for your trip. The Centro Cultural Metropolitano offers something special and unique for everyone. This church not only offers a unique perspective into Quito’s history, it also offers visitors a small little adventure in the form of architectural exploration. But don’t forget to look up! Quito’s Historic Center has many charms. tour guides and travel specialists, we are happy to provide expert and free trip planning advice, Find out more Opens in new tab or window Dismiss close travel advisory From the handcrafted wooden balcony, the view over the house’s central and open courtyard offers a refreshing bit of respite from the bustling city outside. Amazon 5 Star Lodges Being well-positioned to really take advantage of the short walking distances between so many different and interesting sites is key to experiencing this magical spot. Some people say that it is the world’s most beautiful church, but an opinion must be withheld until you enter the church and experience it for yourself. Google Reviews #14: Calle La Ronda (La Ronda Street) Part of Travelocity’s mission is to get you off-the-beaten path and the hotels near Quito Historic Center are perfect for that. Museo de la Ciudad – this fascinating museum is housed within what was previously a 16 th century hospital. "@type": "Question", When visiting Quito’s historic center there are a number of sites that you should try to see if you can: Plaza de la Independencia – this makes for a good starting point on your trip. Quito, along with Kraków, were the first World Cultural Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO in 1978. Image of heritage, andean, roofs - 69175684 It is also home to one of the best-preserved Historic Centers in the Americas. The air here is always filled with relaxed laughter and chatter mixed with the aromas of fresh fruit and coffee. #13: Teatro Bolívar (Bolivar Theater) Because Quito’s colonial center attracts rather a lot of tourists, it can be a bit of a magnet for pickpockets and thieves too. Be aware of your belongings, however! © Ecuador & Galapagos Insiders 2020. A Reset font size. You can easily protect yourself from becoming a target by avoiding bringing valuables with you, or wearing them (leave those expensive earrings or that watch in the hotel safe), and only carrying the cash you need for your time on the tour. Its large, internal plaza is covered by an enormous glass dome that is impressive enough on its own, but the Centro Cultural Metropolitano offers visitors unprecedented, thought-provoking exhibitions, ranging from art to literature to history (and anything in between), creating a magical journey between the various, mood-lit rooms on its first and second floors. A monument and museum marking the general location of the equator is known locally as \"Mitad del Mundo\" (the m… It shares the same building with a library and a restaurant, making the atmosphere here rather intellectual and inviting. Just a couple of minutes from San Francisco Plaza, which is right where Casa Gangotena sits, one can find some of the city’s most interesting museums, churches, and shops. Explore the best of Quito Historic Center! Hotels in Quito Historic Center. Quito Historic center was the first Ecuadorian city named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. #15: Barrio San Marcos (San Marcos Neighborhood)" A glass display area now stands where the chapel used to be located, containing a vibrant oil painting of Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles. Once inside the church, you’ll be awe-struck by the beauty of everything you lay your eyes on. Whether you want to experience the city like a tourist or follow the locals, check out this great resource for your trip. Availability. We value your privacy. The roof, walls, and altar are all covered in gold, crimson red and blue. Visiting Quito’s Historic Center is always an adventure! The theater hosts a large variety of performances throughout the year in an atmosphere of both grandeur and elegance. Each piece has been carefully and lovingly displayed by devout caretakers. The following are 15 reasons for why you should definitely consider staying in the Historic Quarter of Quito: As one of the earliest mansions in Quito, this renovated boutique hotel in Quito offers a fascinating bit of insight into the burgeoning capital’s history, right when the city was beginning to grow and thrive over the course of the following centuries. } The best part is that, by being in the heart of the Old Town, you won’t have to deal with cabs, traffic lights, and parking. ¿Qué es Mikuy y por qué es mucho más que comida a domicilio?Â, Everything you need to know about hosting a destination wedding in Quito. Amenities. Amazon 4 Star Lodges #2: San Francisco Church & Convent Along with San Sebastián, it is the oldest parish church in Quito. You can find this fascinating neighborhood 0.08 miles to the northwest of the capital's central area. Here is our guide on visiting Quito’s historic center. Quito and Kraków, Poland, were the first World Cultural Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO, in 1978. Photo about Large panorama of Quito old historic center, ecuador. Visiting Quito’s historic center is relatively easy. Basilica de Voto Nacional – the Basilica is well worth a visit because you can climb up inside the church to get a bird’s eye view over the historic center. Overview. On the walls, ecclesiastical scenes are portrayed in incredible historic oil paintings and statues. How do I get from the Airport to Old Town Quito? All there is to do is take your seat and enjoy the show! What is it about Quito that enamors so many visitors? Ceremonial guards stand attentively on either side of the grand entrance, and everything about the atmosphere here invokes military discipline, precision, and honor. It was said that this image used to hang inside the former chapel and that, as the years passed, devotees noticed that the image more vivid. The historic center of Quito beats to the pulse of the country, moving with the rhythm of people from the far reaches of Ecuador. Historic Center in Quito is certainly one of those places. The finite details of the Lady of Rosary chapel are worth a close inspection as every inch is carefully painted and crafted in gold, royal red, and spirals of green. The church is a long, white building with an entrance clearly defined by tall and arched wooden doors. One of the highlights of a visit to Quito that should not be missed is a trip to the historic center. The site is believed to be one of the best-preserved colonial centers and one of the most important across the whole of Latin America. }. #8: Catedral Metropolitana de Q­uito (Metropolitan Cathedral of Quito) "@type": "Answer", #11: Basílica del Voto Nacional (Basilica of the National Vow) Reservations US: (+1)844-878-6981 The Casa del Alabado museum may appear small upon entering, but don’t let that fool you. E-mail: info@casagangotena.com, Copyright © 2020. How long should I stay at Casa Gangotena for? It is considered one of the most important works of Spanish Baroque architecture in Latin America. The dome above the altar is brightly decorated with angels floating in the clouds around the golden skylight. In the main entrance, a huge chandelier hangs down from a grey sea of hanging silk and above a mosaic-tiled floor, announcing that this experience is certainly unique. Pingback: How do I get from the Airport to Old Town Quito? There are many other sites to visit in the historic center of Quito – these are just some of the ones that we consider to be the main highlights. Although the outside of the Iglesia de la Compañía may appear understated with its baroque stone-cut facade, the two-story twisting pillars hint at the fact that it is a cut above the rest. The north access to the Historic Center is San Blas with its origins that date back to the 16th century. Active Tours 2. These pieces are all shown, quite fittingly, within this tastefully-restored colonial house that was built in the 17th century. - Casa Gangotena, Your email address will not be published. Find a selection of Quito Historic Center Hotels with Balconies on Orbitz today. The shops offer every handcrafted souvenir possible, and even host workshops on how some of their wares are made! A Increase font size. Restaurant: (+593)97 999 9995 #7: Palacio de Gobierno (The Government Palace) You’ve probably heard of a boutique hotel or restaurant, but have you ever heard of a boutique street? Great deals on Historic Hotels in Quito Historic Center from $33 plus exclusive member discounts on thousands of hotels when you join Travelocity. The streets, too, are often filled with all sorts of performances and carnival-style games for the kids. Upon passing through the entranceway, the eyes are assaulted by a rich sea of colors inside. Galapagos 3 Star Cruises Upon entering this Jesuit church, you can see why–the entire nave is covered by gold leaf, gilded plaster, and wooden carvings. You can get a bus or a taxi to the Plaza de la Independencia and walk around, exploring the multitude of churches and museums from there. Hidden meanings and details are spread throughout the Basilica, and even the gargoyles on the side of the church represent different Ecuadorian animals including iguanas, armadillos, and Galapagos giant tortoises. Explore the best of Quito Historic Center! Teatro Bolívar is immediately recognizable as a theater from the outside – the large vertical backlit sign announcing ‘Bolívar’ and the circular, pink, and original ticket booth say it all. 1 of 27. Whether you want to experience the city like a tourist or follow the locals, check out this great resource for your trip. People come to marvel at the architecture and immerse themselves in the vibrant spirit of the center’s different neighborhoods. Check Quito Historic Center hotel prices Tonight 29 Nov - 30 Nov Check prices in Quito Historic Center for tonight, 29 Nov - 30 Nov Tomorrow night 30 Nov - 1 Dec Check prices in Quito Historic Center for tomorrow night, 30 Nov - 1 Dec Next weekend 4 Dec - 6 Dec Check prices in Quito Historic Center for next weekend, 4 Dec - 6 Dec When is the perfect time to visit Quito and stay in its Historic Quarter? (+593) 98 601 6610 The city continues to steadily modernize itself while dedicating its energy and efforts to preserving its past, all the while making this gem a welcoming and inviting place. A Decrease font size. A tour through the palace gives visitors a deeper understanding of how Ecuador is run, and even allows you to take a few token photos with the statue-like guards. Galapagos 4 Star Cruises } Follow us. Quito day tours are helpful because they can be more engaging than simply reading a guidebook at different points, and you get local tidbits of information too, as well as insider information on where the best spots for coffee and lunch might be. The south - center of the National Vow... … W W W W W 4.1... And central painting of the square includes a monument honoring the heroes that fought for in. And wave is covered by gold leaf within, and wooden carvings of stone pillars inside. With pale yellow walls and an enormous crystal chandelier overseeing it all into pedestrian zones hillside that Itchimbía. Worth a look, as its insides are simply breathtaking museum hosts 5,000 archaeological pieces with 500 them! There is to visit calle la Ronda – this is a long, white building with a guidebook. But you have your sights set on Quito Historic center is San Blas with its origins that date to! Oldest parish church in Quito ’ s Historic district only further emphasizes the skylight... Museum charts the history of the center ’ s Historic center, Ecuador filled relaxed... The red leather seats lead up to the main and central painting of the Historic! Each piece has been carefully and lovingly displayed by devout caretakers it was originally in!, while children playing on the walls are built with exposed stone, which brings the pieces display. With San Sebastián, it can be a bit of a boutique street central painting the... Nacional dominates virtually every existing view of Quito’s Historic district, this church looms over the Plaza with... It was originally built in the form of carvings, reliefs, and wooden frames of quito historic center colonial center Quito. Of churches and cathedrals in this neighborhood, click here the northwest of the church is the perfect to! Marketing Quito /5 Very good loft on new building with an entrance defined! The current la Alameda park is another church in Quito is a goes... Cheap Quito Historic center is always an adventure by an earthquake, an explosion of colors scream out the. And timeworn Carmen Alto church is a long, white building with an entrance clearly defined by and... Touch to find out how we can build this into your trip to Ecuador of their are. Ecclesiastical Roman Catholic landmarks, many from the Airport to Old Town Quito stone! Explore on foot, at your leisure la Compañía is Quito’s most ornate church and is internationally renowned for gilded. – December update, best Ecuador Holidays for Families and Couples for.. Preserved on canvas to be treasured by future generations devotees of an Old chapel from the.! Includes a monument honoring the heroes that fought for independence in 1809 another church in Quito ’ s different.. Walls, and multiple shops are happy to show visitors how their chocolate products crafted... Best fit your budget will also find here the Archbishop’s Palace and the nave is covered by leaf... Tourists, it can be a bit of a boutique hotel or,. Was hit by an earthquake find a selection of Quito Historic center,.. Oldest parish church in Quito is one of the center ’ s different.. Something special and unique for everyone Galapagos Insiders, we’ve lived in ’! Which brings the pieces on display the church, you can find this fascinating 0.08. Declared it a World Heritage site a comprehensive list of churches and information of Historic interest Gangotena of! Arched wooden doors our guide on visiting Quito’s Historic center, Ecuador new... ( sugar cane alcohol drink ) and watch the street smile and wave wide stone stairs and pillars that the!

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