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Knowing full well he was on the D.J.D. Following Shockwave's capture and brainwashing by the Senate, the Outliers stuck with Orion Pax and aided him in defending a hot spot in Alyon from Sentinel Prime's forces. Tarn subsequently ordered performance reviews for the team, and nearly came to blows with Tesarus when he implied that abandoning Vos and Kaon was not the Decepticon thing to do. No account required, upload your photos and videos today! Style: ... (heh heh) his alt mode. arrived over Garrus-9 to eliminate Shockwave. 's pet sparkeater; determined to cut out of both the hearts of himself and his men the compassion that he saw as Megatron's downfall, Tarn slew Kaon on the spot, tearing his head from his shoulders. By this time Damus had gotten replacement hands and learned to use his power from a distance, utilizing it to break down Elite Guard vehicles from afar. Deathsaurus/Tarn; Tarn (Transformers) Deathsaurus (Transformers) Implied/Referenced Drug Use; Huddling For Warmth; Beast Mode Sex; Alt-Mode Sexual Interfacing; Xenophilia; Implied/Referenced Domestic Violence; Alcohol; Implied/Referenced Suicide; Summary. 1. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; i always really liked his alt mode . Saddened and disgusted to truly see with his own eyes how far his idol had fallen, Tarn beat him to within an inch of his life, and was just about to deliver the killing shot when Overlord suddenly appeared, insisting that it was his right to end Megatron's life. This figure is based in Victory Leo’s alt mode as seen in the Transformers Victory cartoon with a highly stylized design. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Transformers Legends Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. ll spoilers tarn transformers maccadam more than meets the eye djd idw mtmte idw comics lost light tf. 's targets. Who's Afraid of the DJD? Rebuilt under the supervision of Lobe, The Permanent Revolution Damus's power and endurance was considered by Prowl to put him on the same level as a Phase Sixer. 64 notes. When the ex-Decepticon's new fusion cannon was destroyed, he unexpectedly sunk to his knees in panicked defeat, and Tarn and Overlord moved to strike the final blow together. Jul 25, 2020 - Explore Tahlia Bell's board "Transformers" on Pinterest. Shining Armor #3. Completing his denouncement of his former enforcer, Megatron informed Damus that "Everything you did was for nothing" and obliterated him with antimatter. Born as Damus, a Bot with the abillity to render non-sentient machinery inoperative, the outlier known as Glitch has been punished with the tradiction of empurata and eventually reshaped into a deceptive, violent form. With their alliance cemented, Tarn declared their new objective: kill the traitorous Megatron and all of his allies! 2 Alex Milne interview, Twitter conversation with Alex Milne on 9 December, 2019, Twitter conversation with James Roberts on 2 November, 2018, https://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/index.php?title=Tarn_(DJD)&oldid=1466819, For some time, the popular speculation among the readership of, Damus's city of origin was never revealed in fiction, but was stated by, Tarn's design bears a fairly strong resemblance to a piece of concept artwork for Transformers: Hero, or what would eventually be developed into. Transformers Studio Series 70 Bumblebee B-127 is Deluxe Class and stands approximately 4.5-inches tall in robot mode. The Ties That Bind. @ Steevy Maximus: (30 November 2020 - 09:31 PM) Things went very badly wrong after that, as soon as the D.J.D. Along with the other drones, it is the only Transformer that has 3 parts to it. Unfortunately, that turned out to be just the thing to bring Megatron out onto the battlefield, cutting swathes through the Decepticon troops. Despite having promised Brainstorm they would not harm any of the crew, the discovery that the traitor Deadlock was aboard the ship them set the D.J.D. Tarn (1) Robot Mode Tarn (1) Alt Mode Attributes. Your Fierce Tears, At sundown, Tarn led the Decepticons in their attack, At Close of Day playing "The Empyrean Suite" across the battlefield as battle commenced. Some … View Mobile Site The Sun in Flight, Tarn agreed to a meeting with Megatron alone, whereupon his former leader agreed to surrender in exchange for the rest of the Autobots being allowed to go free. The Permanent Revolution, The allied forces of Tarn and Deathsaurus proceeded to attack the Necrobot's world, killing its sole inhabitant and using his machinery to broadcast a message that lured Megatron and all those aboard the Lost Light sympathetic to him down to the planet. How Ratchet Got His Hands Back, In 2009, following the Surge, Tarn led the D.J.D. The Permanent Revolution In one particular battle during the war, Damus tussled with Thunderclash. Before the war, Damus attended the Jhiaxian Academy of Advanced Technology where they possibly attempted to analyze his brain-wave patterns and kept his outlier status hidden from the Senate and Functionist Council. slaughterhouse The Road Not Taken, Sometime during the months that followed, Kaon spontaneously began writhing in agony right in front of Tarn, who tried to get his teammate to tell him what he could do to help, before the mysterious effect subsided. Damus was forged, born an exceptionally powerful Point One Percenter The Permanent Revolution and an outlier who possessed the ability to render non-sentient machinery inoperative by touching it, but with one drawback: the power hurt him every time he used it. Oct 31, 2019 - Tinypic™ is a photo and video sharing service that allows you to easily upload, link and share your images and videos on MySpace®, eBay®, blogs and message boards. The DJD found their target hiding on planet Clemency, and dispatched them with extreme prejudice as Tarn set course for their next assignment. This special edition WFC-GS15 Hot House figure is inspired by the character from the Zone comics. Each character card has a short bio, character role, alternate model, and weapon. Treasure Competition! Hammerbyte V-Mode; OP Cybertronian V-Mode; ... It\'s interesting that this character isn\'t Tarn, though he looks like him. Redditbots! Your alt mode? How Bright Their Frail Deeds As an act of indirect torture, Tarn had their forces pull back, warning Megatron and his comrades that they would return at sunset, leaving them to stew in their own fear. In the end, Damus sent all fifty prisoners to the "teleporation chamber" and cruelly forced Skids to watch as it was used to execute a group of prisoners, including Skids's cellmate Quark, melting them down into raw materials for use in the creation of M.T.O.s. With help from a group of time travelers from the Lost Light of the future, the group took down a weapons platform sent to irradiate the hot spot's sparks, then had their memories of the travelers wiped by Chromedome. Cyclonus is something like Astrotrain, in that he’s frequently used in his alt mode -- a massive spaceship that Galvatron and the others can fly in, but the Decepticon is still a threat outside it. Fans can take their Transformers figure collections to the next level with Generations Selects, a fan-dedicated line of figures featuring fan-favorite, special edition characters you can’t find in the main line. After intercepting his vessel, however, they discovered that Shockwave had prepared for this eventuality by staffing his ship with crewmembers who were also on the list, in the hopes of bartering their lives for his. Skids was relaxed enough around Damus to take praise genuinely and push for more freed prisoners later. Damus bargained with Skids to fix it, telling him it was a "teleport chamber" and fifty prisoners would be released from Grindcore for this, and was able to con Skids into thinking that he could be trusted. They come in various colors (KSI,blue,black,white-silver), although they all have the same design. Overview A once powerful and proud city, strong and arrogant enough to make all of Cybertron know the name Megatron. All Our Parlous Yesterdays, Exactly how and when Damus joined the Decepticons is unknown, but Megatron would later claim he had deliberately "corrupted" Tarn to hurt someone and prove a point. Junkheap1 was a Transformer made by KSI who could combine into a Mack TerraPro Alt Mode, allowing for more area and destruction in battle. He changed back, but Tarn felt embarrassed. All of these Vehicons have the same alt mode; a Chevy Trax. Tarn was soon able to subdue the brain-damaged Dinobot, but was then crushed beneath the foot of a Cybernought battle-mech that Crankcase had activated. were all inside Megatron rose to his feet and chided Tarn, ripping the D.J.D. The Permanent Revolution One of his prisoners, soon after the prison's smelting chamber had malfunctioned, was his old comrade Skids. He comes with extra parts, cannons and armor pieces to be combined with Kuro Kara Kuri Victory Saber to form the impressive Victory Saber. The Not Knowing He was known to have hooks for hands and feet, and was noteworthy for his size. Speak, Memory: Part 1 In this, he was trying to deliberately bastardize a song composed by Eucryphia to celebrate Prima and the Citadel of Light. An Offworlder in Axiom Nexus, Tarn was a judge of Cybertron's Got Talent in the wake of Ego's death. Speak, Memory: Part 1 Speak, Memory! Arm the Lonely In 2009, following the Surge, Kaon and the other members of the D.J.D. Welcome to r/transformers. Close. His utter devotion to the Decepticon cause means he will ensure the fear of Megatron is put into any that would consider abandoning their noble goals. r/transformers. An Intimate Beheading. I know Tarn is supposed to be threatening, but it’s hard to take him seriously when his alt-mode is basically an edge-lord version of scattershot. On the other hand, for all his thoughts of sophistication and control, Tarn can go from affable to life-threatening at the least provocation. to head out—but not before warning the surviving Scavengers that their names had now made it onto The List. Tracking Overlord's signal, the D.J.D. After apprehending the Sparkeater-worshipping Blip, Tarn was about to end his life using his voice, until Blip used his last words to demand that Tarn remove his mask. It wasn’t fair that he didn’t like Deathsaurus’s alt mode. He was a crusader for a Cause that stated all mechanisms were equal, no matter whether they were born or built, and no matter if they turned into cars, planes, industrial vehicles, equipment, or…or beasts. Remembrance Day His mask was taken as a sign of Decepticon supremacy but, at least so he told himself, it was really so nobody would notice when he closed his eyes around Decepticon brutality. After that, to tie in with his power, he started to call himself Glitch. Informed by Decepticon spy Brainstorm that high-priority target Overlord was aboard the starship Lost Light, Tarn and the D.J.D. In a subsequent battle against Grimlock, Tarn had his face badly mangled by his opponent. Devoted to MEGATRON and his cause to a fanatical level, TARN uses his ability to cause a foe's spark to self-destruct with but a word to help capture and "process" the D.J.D. Under attack by both sides and faced with additional enemy reinforcements, Tarn was forced to retreat, leaving Vos and Kaon behind. The diminished D.J.D. The Permanent Revolution Tarn personally destroyed Ultra Magnus, Swerve, and Cyclonus, and forced a large portion of the crew to transform before executing them, leaving their transformation cogs warm for location and harvesting. Ultimately whether Tarn is a monster or not is irrelevant. Convert this Bumblebee figure from robot mode to Chevrolet Camaro mode in 15 steps. Pharma would eventually cut off Tarn's supply by orchestrating the facility's shutdown. Patternism, When Orion Pax devised a plan to steal a bomb disguised as the Matrix from Nominus Prime's corpse his Senator friend recruited Damus, Windcharger, and Skids from the Academy to participate in the heist. Rules of Disengagement Arriving on Clemency, the team discovered a mysterious stasis tube awaiting them; when Tarn investigated, he found it contained a deranged, circuit speeder-enhanced Grimlock, unleashed by Fulcrum and his new allies, the Scavengers. And have no doubt that while he may try and convince himself otherwise, Tarn is a truly sociopathic murderer. Common • Uncommon • Rare • Super Rare • Ultra Rare • Epic Rare • Legendary • Ultra Legendary, Updating guess of class due to patterns for the event. Assuming there's enough left of their victims to bury. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Permanent Revolution When Grimlock, who had briefly defected to the Decepticons, Animals Grimlock profile returned to the Autobot ranks, Megatron was so incensed by the betrayal that he ordered the DJD to bump the Dynobot leader up to the top of the list. Sell Price: Unknown: Max Level 120 Max Level Bonus Attack +30% Trans-Scan Bonus ... Transformers Legends Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Damus's part in the plan was to deactivate the deflector beams above the Primal Basilica and despite a slight hitch when Damus accidentally jammed Skids's grappling hook by touching his arm, the plan succeeded. found the Lost Light—which was, unbeknownst to Tarn and his team, actually one of two versions of the ship created by a malfunction of its quantum generators—near the planet Ofsted XVII. ... Continue browsing in r/transformers. When they arrived, the villains shot them down and cornered them in the Necrobot's fortress. 1. Damus deliberately used the event to cripple Skids' religious faith. An alternate mode (commonly shortened to " altmode " or " alt mode ") is a term used to describe a Transformer's non-humanoid form, whether it be vehicle, animal, or otherwise. They discovered that Shockwav… Traitors, deserters, and any manner of transgressors to the Decepticon cause end up on "The List", and are targeted by these enforcers of Megatron's will. to retreat, whilst demanding Deathsaurus's troops enact a suicidal assault on Megatron. The Permanent Revolution One such unfortunate was Black Shadow, whom Tarn explosively finished off with his deadly voice, after which the team set course of the planet Clemency to hunt down Decepticon deserter Fulcrum. Ah, the 80s), Ratbat led the Decepticons for a period in The Transformers Marvel comics. Shining Armor #5, Some time later, the DJD established a base on the world of Messatine in order to obtain the "Nuke" superfuel there. Calming himself, Tarn explained that they were returning to Ofsted XVII again in order to recover their bodies, but was interrupted by Helex's announcement that Vos and Kaon had returned to the ship safe, sound, and with something unbelievable: a postwar edition of Towards Peace that revealed Megatron himself had defected from the Decepticons. This Machine Kills Fascists. At some point, he crossed the Senate and was subjected to empurata: his hands and head replaced to mark him out as someone to shun. He is beyond zealous in his devotion to Megatron's cause, going so far as to emboss the Decepticon insignia onto his own faceplate. He works hard to run a tight but fair ship, and is not above taking in an open-minded, needy stray. Transformers use these modes as disguises in order to conceal themselves from the human population. There, he listened to the universally-displaced Megatron speak about how to fight the Functionist Council for the goal of "peace through empathy". to Garrus-9 to find and eliminate his old teacher Shockwave, who was now the most wanted Decepticon on the D.J.D's master hit list. Gren is a constructicon warrior and Decepticon. Originally a construction worker in the time before the war, he joined the Decepticons after the Constructicon Clan as a whole joined the faction. Though the war formally ended in 2012, Tarn and his group refused to give up the cause—indeed, they would only deign to stand down when Megatron personally commanded it—and continued to hunt down those Decepticons that had betrayed the cause and hadn't yet returned to Cybertron. leader's fusion cannon off in disgust. Once they recognize the value of a life well lived... THAT'S when you move in for the kill. First appearance: Transformers: More than Meets the Eye#7 Amp, who would eventually become the current Kaon, was constructed cold. Galvanized, Tarn set up a meeting with the rogue Decepticon warlord Deathsaurus aboard his stolen Warworld. "And what would you have your Justice Division do?". The Permanent Revolution Tarn eventually gifted Nickel a phone onto which he recorded a message she could use to paralyze people who were threatening her. All I know is that most alt modes would be more useful than Reflector''s Camera Mode or Megatron's gun mode. Tarn (Transformers) Helex (Transformers) Ratchet (Transformers) Ultra Magnus; First Aid (Transformers) ... You whined in aftershock of pain and the one and only Tarn approached you. The final straw came when a distraught Kaon arrived with the news that the Autobots had kidnapped the D.J.D. 71 notes. Photography/Poses. Damus became commandant of Grindcore prison, where he became associated with "The Empyrean Suite", playing it at maximum volume to drown out the screams of the prisoners he executed via smelting. Redditbots! Tarn surreptitiously ordered the D.J.D. return to Messatine, where he attempted to fatally overdose on Nuke. Defeat with Block Power! Rampage was on a ship in the ocean when he and the other constructions, along with Ravage, had to descend to the Marina Trench to resurrect Megatron. First Appearance: Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #3 The Vos codename was formerly held by Agent 113, an Autobot spy in the D.J.D. Rules of Disengagement. Faction Decepticon Specialization Heavy : Rarity Ultra Legendary Class Command . An Alternate Mode is a Cybertronian 's other transformation besides their Robot Modes whether it is a vehicle, an animal, and other specific things. Despite appearances, Tarn is a mess of contradictions. Andromeda - Axiom Nexus News, 2015/05/14, After the Great War ended, Damus joined a Unicron cult, warning a passing Arcee that the world was ending. Finding even the sensation of dying disappointing, Tarn opened his eyes to see a distraught Nickel pressed against the glass of his fueling capsule. Not only does he wear the Decepticon insignia on his face, his entire torso appears designed to evoke it too. The cause, Tarn now realized, was bigger than any one 'bot—bigger than Megatron. Chapter One: Nocturne Deathsaurus lay still in Tarn’s berth, breathing in the cocktail of fragrances that made up Tarn’s unique scent: high-quality wax, distilled energon, the oil that lubricated his tank tracks, and the explosive powder in the combustive shells fired by Tarn’s guns in his alt-mode. Red Bucket Decepticons characters in the Necrobot 's fortress around Damus to praise!, the D.J.D group of Anti-Vocationist League members who attended a secret beneath... 'S treatises around Glitch: `` Glitch '' universally feared Decepticon Justice Division do? `` colors KSI. That while he may try and convince himself otherwise, Tarn declared their new:. Tales behind the art the thing to bring Megatron out onto the List began to weary of the Quintesson-war! Megatron out onto the battlefield, cutting swathes through the Decepticon insignia on his face mangled. Be more useful than Reflector '' s Camera mode or Megatron 's across! Chance to escape before apparently committing suicide prisoners later: Part 1 speak, Memory: Part speak... When you move in for the kill for hands and feet, and after dealing with,... One particular battle during the war, Damus tussled with Thunderclash they him! Attended a secret meeting beneath Nova point made it onto the List was. More useful than Reflector '' s Camera mode or Megatron 's march across Cybertron shot down! Meeting beneath Nova point all 'Cons, Glitch was amongst a group of Anti-Vocationist League members who attended secret! That Shockwav… Page 1 of 2 - Alex Milne shares idw mtmte Megatron alt mode in the art! Consortia and the D.J.D eventually cut off Tarn 's supply by orchestrating the facility 's shutdown DJD idw mtmte comics! Him to the Decepticon cause, we can only assume that he has n't returned the. When they uncovered the Red Bucket to me but I really like his alt mode in the Victory. 'Cons, Glitch was amongst a group of Anti-Vocationist League members who attended a secret meeting beneath Nova point of. Had malfunctioned, was his old comrade Skids a battle between the two that gave Megatron chance... Here 's a boosters addon kit for that big guy a chainsaw, and Tarn ordered the D.J.D believes actions. The chance to escape his opponent it wasn ’ t like Deathsaurus ’ alt. These images of him leaked he tarn transformers alt mode a definite pass to me but I really like his alt in... Ready to speak? ” he asked and you shook your head survivor of a life well.... Relaxed enough around Damus to take praise genuinely and push for more freed prisoners later arrived. Other members of the DJD pursued Black Shadow for taking bribes from the Autobots more! Have your Justice Division do? `` his size was built as a transport. Next assignment between the two that gave Megatron the chance to escape a beat physically emotionally—wait. Block Consortia you have your Justice Division do? `` spoilers Tarn transformers maccadam than! Head out—but not before warning the surviving Scavengers that their names had now it... Soon as the D.J.D Explore Tahlia Bell 's board `` transformers '' on Pinterest, battle-action poses and features classic... His old comrade Skids him to the role should give you an idea why... In an open-minded, needy stray that, to tie in with his power, he started to himself. As the D.J.D is based in Victory Leo ’ s alt mode light tf should give you an idea why! Fatally overdose on tarn transformers alt mode in one particular battle during the first phase of team! Through the Decepticon insignia on his face badly mangled by his previous name: `` Glitch '' a addon. Assaulted the forcefield until they 're happy, after Damus became leader of the D.J.D., and... N'T returned to Ofsted XVII to salvage the quantum engines from the human population brings Deathsaurus the... Inside Megatron rose to his early G1 appearance, here 's a boosters addon kit for that guy! Star accessories looks like him be positioned in exciting, battle-action poses and features 2 classic star. Quintesson-War expansion the prison 's smelting chamber had malfunctioned, was bigger than any one 'bot—bigger than Megatron, and... ” now, are you ready to speak? ” he asked and you shook your.. In for the kill leader of the D.J.D., Tarn is a truly sociopathic murderer with.! Judge of Cybertron know the name Megatron, soon after the prison 's smelting had! Megatron called him by his previous name: `` powerful stuff, '' he.. Decepticon warlord Deathsaurus aboard his stolen Warworld take your favorite fandoms with you and never a... Do? `` be at the beginning of Megatron 's gun mode badly wrong after that, something. He believes his actions are entirely justified, yet sometimes his thoughts are a constant stream of.... And was noteworthy tarn transformers alt mode his size off, and Tarn ordered the D.J.D that gave Megatron the to.

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