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Popeyes introduces (genius) 'bring your own bun' campaign for chicken-sandwich seekers Popeyes has played up its chicken shortage every step of the way. Popeyes will feature the winning demos in its television and radio commercials. [RETHINK Retail] — Move over Chick-Fil-A: There’s a new sensation on the fast-food chicken sandwich scene and her name is Popeyes. Once Popeyes had launched its sandwich and interest began piling up, the company could have simply played it safe. Fans took to social media to praise the chicken sandwiches, post memes, and poke fun at Popeyes rival Chick-fil-A. But as a social media battle has captivated the internet this week and generated long lines at Popeyes locations across the country, that tweet from last … But it was Popeyes’ biggest competitor in the chicken sandwich space—Chick-fil-A—that served as a catalyst for turning that growing social media buzz into a full-blown viral fervor. But its social media team had other ideas. Within days of the sandwich’s launch, Popeyes was sending playful Twitter jabs at Chick-fil-A and Wendy’s, drumming up articles about the # With some simple social media communications, Popeyes extends the effort in a low-cost way. In addition to publicizing the campaign to New Orleans natives through social media, Popeyes ran a full-page ad in The Times-Picayune featuring its jingle’s original sheet music. Popeyes… Popeyes’ announcement capitalized on its popular Twitter campaign this summer, which crowned the company king of chicken social media accounts, … The 2019 Chicken Sandwich Wars dominated social media last month with brands beefing on Twitter and consumers chiming in with viral memes culminating in the lesson in the power of virality and internet trends to affect markets. Popeyes earlier this week launched a campaign notifying consumers of the viral chicken sandwich's permanent return this weekend. Popeyes, which along with Burger King is owned by Restaurant Brands International, had intended to feature TV prominently in its marketing campaign, but decided to hold back after the “chicken sandwich war” took off on social media. Popeyes' social media campaign comes as more consumers order food for delivery instead of going out to eat amid concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. Popeyes is seemingly learning this lesson the hard way, after launching an unusual campaign asking its customers to “BYOB” -- Bring Your Own Bun — and make their own sandwich. Meet the Man Behind Burger King's and Popeyes' Viral Marketing Campaigns Fernando Machado turned the fast-food giants into buzzy, relevant, always-on-point brands. The takeout and delivery business last month helped Popeyes to return to pre-pandemic sales levels for restaurants open at least one year, Fox Business reported. Videos and messaging attached to the announcement directly call out how Popeyes is open on Sundays while Chick-fil-A is not. Popeyes may have come out the unofficial winner of the Chicken Sandwich Wars of 2019 after sparking a viral social media campaign—featuring iconic clapbacks against Chick …

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