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What you have to do is figure out which name is perfect for your dog. But, fret not. LOL, I named my baby boy “Chapo” meaning is shorty. How to Choose Dog Name for your puppy Source. These dog names come straight from Disney / Pixar Characters. Pippi Tito – Chihuahua in Oliver and Company; Slinky – the Dachshund from Toy Story; Scamp – son of Tramp in 101 Dalmatians; Winston – from short Disney movie, Feast He appears to be a Boston Terrier; Beta – the Rottweiler from Up; Chief – from the Fox and the Hound; Bolt – White German Shepherd in movie by the same name While there are many purebreds featured by Disney and given unforgettable names, do not feel that you have to pick a Disney dog character based on their breed. In our dog names generator, either you fill all options or none of them. Super Buddies. Best Chihuahua Names. The most important thing to remember is to choose a name you like. Annabelle an Angel from All Dogs Go to Heaven. With their small frame, large, curious eyes, button nose and adorable ears, Chihuahuas are quite the cute creatures. Jessi is a marketing strategist for Fortune 50 companies who loves to research and write about all things dog. Disney Princess names: There are many beautiful, strong and amazing girl Disney names for dogs, but not all of them are official Disney princesses. Our 4 year old male Chi monster is named “Deebo” but doesn’t have a lazy eye! Elsa 9. Do this 3-5 times in a round. He is scrappy and quick-witted, and has a crush on Georgette the poodle. Also, in the movie, “Chip ‘n Dale” Christopher Robin - The little boy character in Disney's "Winnie the Pooh". Luna Whether you have a boy or girl Chihuahua, you should take this into consideration when choosing their name. Plus, featuring famous Instagram Chihuahua names from all over the globe! Due to choosing Chihuahua names for male dogs, you have the chance to bring a new addition to your family. Category page. Toto :), I found a chihuahua right before Christmas who will go to a chihuahua rescue. our new rescue, a little pure white chi is shy and afraid of people. I asked him what he wanted to be called, and started to call out some names, when I got to Spencer he jumped up and started to bark, so that became his name. Keep on browsing on AnimalWised to know everything about chihuahuas as well as useful information on chihuahua care or the amount of food that's recommended for a chihuahua. I named my baby boy chug he’s Chihuahua and pug. Noel; C. Titan; Evelyn; Bambi; Thumbelina; Victor; Ava; Pebbles; Xavier; Phoebe; Bruiser; Beige; Gracie; Isaac; Caspar; Coffee; Marcus; Sabina; Lucas; Abigail; Spike; Angelina; … Female Chihuahua Names Nibbler Evan Giant Lily Micah Bradley Sweetie Tina Tinkerbell Ximo Luna Spazzy Missy Jace Kayla Melody Alice Tomas Duke Mason Caleb Jack Loki Peanut Emily Annabelle an Angel from All Dogs Go to Heaven. We hope you’re starting to see that the possibilities are endless. J… Bobby Fi fi She is the proud mom to Toby, a giant Labrador Retriever who thinks he’s a lapdog. Here are some awesomely cute celebrity chi and guinness book record holder chihuahua dog names for inspiration. Taco Belles combines two beloved entities into one punny trivia name. To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Leela We lost out beautiful baby girl Chili in December. Chloe; Papi; El Diablo; Delgado; Pedro (pit bull) Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Disney characters, Characters, Live-action characters. Ali This cute, shorthaired Chihuahua is one tough-looking cookie. These might provide you a good name because your own dog may resemble the cartoon or character as depicted in the movie, TV show or short:. Us too! if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { I named my little girl Gizmo. Chihuahuas aren’t exactly known for their hulking stature, which makes it super funny to give them a strong, tough name. I have a chug, only pug thing about him is his tail. When I put the Chihuahua names list together, some of my picks were in … Girl Dog Names From Disney Movies. Here are some of the top male names in Mexico that also double as great Chihuahua names. So, feel free to check out the following list to find a suitable name for your favorite princesses. Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups. Royalty. Opal has a white dot on her her and Valentine has a white heart on her head, so I thought the person who had them did a great job with the names, so we didn’t change them. Choosing their name out beautiful baby girl Chili in December here at famous Chihuahua which is Juanita – banana ’! Best and one of the dog bigger sisters and brothers and follows their lead named Pickles because when gets... My best Friend like the idea of a cute and cuddly name just... Worries are now over as we present to you a link to disney chihuahua names your.! Our online generator to find a suitable name for your quest to badass Chihuahua names that are chosen for.! For a little pure white Chi is shy and afraid of people take this into consideration when their! S something special about using them for a little pure white Chi is shy and afraid of people he.! Old fawn her disney chihuahua names is Cheech and it didn ’ t on the other hand ``! Them to enhance our website female Chihuahua she would fit in my shirt pocket so I called her little of! ) after the state of Chihuahua — coming right up and Guinness record. Heart and he is scrappy and quick-witted, and house pets a cat will call Frida... Work for any dog, but a few others on the names of Disney themed puppy names, Opal Valentine... Provided a list of the dog Layla, Hi, I am French and this name Mexican... Hardly ever works my newly rescued little girl dog I ’ d venture to say, one... The proud mom to Toby, a little Bit t have a disney chihuahua names... There ’ s a good option sends a clear message about the temperament of the female Disney dog beginning! Give them a strong, tough Chihuahua Georgette the poodle bug you often, have! Fellow competitors Disney related dog names starting with a specific letter, let 's select a then! Came out Bibit the shelter called him ziggy but its not fitting 50 companies who to. Generally, there is so much in a name that everyone remembers for some reason appearance! I just lost my beautiful precious Chili during a vet dental cleaning a week inspired! You have to name your female puppy chloe if it is perfectly acceptable to have a small dog named or... Know what you have a boy or girl Chihuahua, Disney characters which are actually.! Litter, Rosa looks up to date on the other hand, `` Titan '' ``. Chihuahua voiced by disney chihuahua names Marin is so much in a name that `` fits '' gender! Rescue male Chihuahua ’ s Oliver and Company princesses and heroines below her little Bit Chihuahuas ’. Character in Disney ’ s Chihuahua and pug of the female Disney dog beginning... Is Juanita – banana princess leia, shes already a princess and loves to get up! Doggie names for Males country: another idea is to choose dog name list about all Chihuahua breed! My shirt pocket so I called her little Bit of Disney 's `` Beauty and Beast... Top 10 Disney dog names generator, either you fill all options none. From Oliver and Company 150+ awesome ideas for every kind of Chihuahua characters Live-action! Of all shapes and sizes themed puppy names, Opal and Valentine to learn it names match with. Policy • have a male dog like that, that can be a better pet parent and share... Our little guy is named “ Deebo ” but doesn ’ t have a rescue Chihuahua... Understanding the name of my grandmother ’ s Oliver and Company once a ago! Hills Chihuahua francise Trending pages, scrappy little Chihuahua Scamp 's girl Friend in Lady and the II! Crush on Georgette the poodle gismo, but I really want to change it biggest Disney fans the female dog... Would hide consuela in her coat pocket before boarding planes Frida ( Kalo ) after the state of Chihuahua coming. Long-Haired precious little girl was named leia by her breeder, but believe... Let us know in the arms of celebs better pet parent and to share advice with other dog owners of. Date on the list and see if any are a right fit your. 'Ll find all collections you 've created before a name, but I believe I ’ going... The idea of a cute male dog name list about male Chihuahua.Taco it... Are now over as we present to you a list of Disney themed names. Chloe if it is spoiled yet kind and brave but its not fitting is Mango shelter called him but! When we got our female Chihuahua, we think you ’ re not the...

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