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Their body is covered with cycloid scales, and the head is without scale. 8- gras carp. Can I add clay soil to 1 feet for water storage…please give some suggestions. We have very less knowledge cultivating fish in tanks. Your 1 acre pond is OK for stocking about 20,000 fish. can I give it cow dung or hen potty as a supplementary feed. The Catla fish is a freshwater species, and it is found rarely in brakish water. 3. Thank you very much. 1- How many depth would you suggest (source is 365 days running dam water nearby ) for 2 acre pond as water source is no issue There are no possibilities of food wastage. My contact number is 7756070546, Can u please guide me for catla farming.steps and how to do farming I hv build up a tank 10*30*30 what to do intetnally. 14. You have to feed the fish at least 5% feed daily depending on their average body weight. Thanks! We are planning for a better option. Thank you! 111 / 2,000 cal left. You can stock 1 minnow per 1.5 square feet space in tank. Thank you! details of cost of the seed….. We don’t know any fish species which will grow fast and gain good export rate within 3 months. Most of your chosen carp fish species won’t eat rabbit dung as feed. The measurement of your tank can be 7*15*15ft. Hence the total feed amounts to Rs. I have got a pond 2800 square meter have cultivated Rohu, Catla, Mrigal fish but there is problem fish have been grown by hight but figure of the not increase as per the hight. Fish and shellfish are also excellent sources of many vitamins, including vitamins A and D. A number of studies have indicated that fish and shellfish may help to protect our lungs. want to know about food for the fish, Hi Sir, Please search any fish feed supply store in your area or nearest town. A combination of Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish (40:30:30 or 40:40:20) in the pond is considered as best combination for carp fish. Bro I need ur help can u please contact me once… 9494300988. We recommend a combination of Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish. Thank you! each week and month the size of fish is going to increase and so is the feed quantity . I have a 90*60*6 ft pond. Kindly suggest how much amount of fish to be cultivated in this tank and whether the combination of these two fish is good or not. I am from Tiruvannamalai dist,Tamilnadu. Over density is the main problem of your fish. We have a same size of pond andhra Pradesh. Thank you! Especially they breed very well in rivers, and floodplains during rainy season. kindly send the detailed feasibility project report for farming of katla fish. Your pond is suitable enough for stocking above mentioned number of carp fishes. 7-which is the effective and productive feeding method ,(Rope and feed in bag tied to it) or (simply spreading feed all over the surface area by using boat) I am from Bangalore. Dear Sir give some details on Indoor High Density Fish farming and it’s relevant training facilities available in India. You can stock Rui and Katla fish in your pond. M—–08101093675. Hi Sir; Please share your ideas in farming this particular species. sir i am kanchipuram i am also intrested in this field give some tips. Fish in hot water There are, though, wider causes. Not only can seafood relieve the symptoms of asthma in children, but it has shown signs of preventing it. If possible please provide me little bit derivation as well. Yet here is a glossary of fish names in English and other languages such as Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, and Arabic. Sheep, Bee So each day , week and month the cost is going to increase. Under proper condition and adequate feeding, katla fish will take about 10 months to 1 year for reaching 1 kg body weight. +91-9974167579 hyphon dalna kyun chut gaya. Thank you! Recent research has also found a link between omega-3 fats and osteoarthritis, suggesting that eating more seafood could help to prevent the disease. thank u sir for above reply Feed twice a day (morning and evening). If yes than how should i start? Thank you! From where to get permission to convert rice fields to fish pond. Pond 1 and 2 – 3 Acer – 25000 No’s seeds (stock size 85g to 100g) (Katla – 40%, Rohu – 30%, mirugal – 30%) Names of Fish and Seafood in English and Hindi,List of Common Fish and Seafood ... Catla बोसा, चेपटी Red Snapper रानी Clams तिसरियो Roe मछली … MURUGAN. Published on Apr 6, 2020 Catla fish is commonly found in rivers, canals and the breeding percentage is very good. Thanks for your kind considerations! mudgeri is about 500 m from sea. I want to grow fish. Grass carp I have like fish farming & how to give his profit and his development period and other information. The caudal fin is forked, and the pectoral fins are long extending to pelvic fins. I have constructed a earthern pond and its size is 90 feet in length and 100 feet in width and 5 feet depth. what is the cheapest solution for that. We are not sure what is the cheapest solution for that and it’s also not possible for us to suggest anything without seeing the leakages. 8973457042. 6. 13. As you have only 0.5 acre of land, so you should construct only one pond. Poultry We are not sure about which fish will be suitable for you. And we don’t know about any fish species which will grow 3-4 kg within 2 years. Halder supply and framing that is ending up by spending 4,500 * 40 = 180000 rupees per batch of 1000 fish in 1000 sq mt pond. Fat 65g. And try to fill your tank with water (up to 75%). Consult any fish technician in your area for more details. Sir pls help tu mi WINTER 16 to 25 SUMMER 25 to 44 and 20 to 30 degree calculus in rainy season. And how many Katla can I stock in that 90*60*10 ft pond. No, it’s not possible! related to raising fish There will be no problems and the stocking density is absolutely fine. It is generally sold and consumed fresh, locally and regionally. Also for feed which is best.Daily how manu kg of feed i need to supply.Please reply. But if you stock only 100k fish in your 40 acres of land then probably you don’t have to provide any supplementary feeds. May plan is 20000.katala fish and rewa 5000, so length*width*depth and feed geven help Whot is feed of name, we are stared katla ish farming before 2 and half month back, kindly please suggesh me whst is the heathy food to get faster groth of my katla farming………. Thank you! my problem how type food feeding in pond ask me. I have a little doubt, You can stock about 2500-3000 Katla fish in your tank. Thank you! Thank you! Biket.silvarcap.communcap.catfish.bilak Hope this helps. hello sir 1 acre talab he 30000 rohu or grass cuter. And do you think my revenue expectations are correct? Thank you! There will be no problems. they said our areas water is not fit for huge katla fish cultivation. You can stock about 38,000-45,000 Rui or Katla or both fishes in your 1.5 acre pond. I am from Chandigarh and I have 85000 Square Feet Pond. I am from WestGodavari district,AndhraPradesh. How many fishes can I grow ? Thank you! • Tail and fin rot: The symptoms are rotting of tail and fin, light white color is seen at the corner of the fin, and then spread all around the fin and then finally fall. Related to the feeding of Katla the 1;1 mixture of Rice bron and saraso broun is using in chhattisgad state it is very cheep .Can you suggest tjhis feed for Katla,Rohu. Respected Sir, Dear sir Rui fish take food from the mid level and Mrigal fish take food from the bottom of the pond. So, it’s not possible to tell the exact or an estimate idea. Thank you so much for your reply. catla Not English Catla has no English definition. Thanks. Thanks. Thank you so much for the information sir and i admire u for inspiring confued minds. Thank you! Thank you! Name:P.Revanth. I have a cement pond and its size is 50ft in length, 20ft in width and its depth is 4ft, how much catla fish should i stock in it, and if i use supplementary food that is available in market so how much weight i should expect in 3 to 4 month they will grow. or Correct ? Adding clay can be a cheap solution. For example in the 3rd month the size of fish reaches 100 gm , you will need 5 x 10000x 30 gms of feed in a month which is 1500 kg for 10000 fish. he me kya khana dhalu talap me .m-9898371663. My self Bala from Tamilndu India. so many fish has dead. Please let us know how can we help you. Thanx in advance. no i am request you to give a valuable reply. Catla Fish cutting on sunday Fastest Fish cutting on Fishmarket Machhalee in #FishHuntingFishing channel. Along with Katla, you can try some other carp fish such as Mirror Carp, Common Carp and the most common fish Tilapia. We don’t know any fish species which can gain 1 kg weight within 90 days. Leave it for a few days for growing natural feed (plankton). Catla Fish Seed(Bhakura) Advance Fingerling Seed Kalinga Agro Aqua Bhubaneswar, Dist. You need to provide additional feeds for the Common Carp fish. Thanks! 5-common carp You can use it if you get good results. Thanks for your interest! You need to apply proper aeration system (although it’s not guaranteed that all the fishes will survive). I am planning to leave total 20,000 Fish seeds ( Rohu – 6500, Catla – 7000, Mrigal – 6500 ) Would like you to answer my below questions. This water is sufficient for 8 to 10 months. First of all thanks for the wonderful website related to farming. Thank you! And daily feeding rates vary depending on the age and size of your fish. am going to start in this buss. Dimension (width and length) can be any depending on the type of your land. It will be better if you can consult with any expert who is experienced in raising tilapia fish in tanks. But the water is not stagnant in that pond soil. 1) can a pond of size 30*70 accommodate around 20000 fishes of pangus ? we are feeding them mixer of rice cover, rice powder, weat powder & oil cakes of cotton on daily basis around 8kg & also cow buffalo manure 3 times on monthly basis around 100kg. But soon we will publish a sample project report with as much details as possible. is it advisable to shift this fish in other pound ? It will reduce the feeding cost. In case of transportation, it is generally transported on ice. Assumption :Each fish reaches 500 gram after 3 months. Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. Their anal fin is short, dorsal fin inserted slightly in advance of pelvic fins. if I want :-, 1- katla Thanks. According to the body weight of your fish, you should provide them 5% feed daily (already clarified above). You can try buffalo fish if you have not tried it yet. You should choose such fish species which grow faster and take less time for harvesting (for example, tilapia, silver barb fish etc.). Let me make it clear. There is also evidence to suggest that omega-3 could help to slow the progression of inflammatory bowel disease in some sufferers. It will be highly grateful if you can reply me the clear details……………. Sir i want to know how many catla fishes can be cultured in a 4ft*60ft*60ft size earthen pond .. and how much they will grow after 10 months if proprly feeded ? I have planned to feed them 5% of their body weight. 17 % 2g Fat. Please contact any of your nearest fisheries institute or any existing fish farmers in your area for training and practical knowledge. Please contact any expert in your area. Hi Kumanan, By the way, where are you from? Thank you! Any one in Gujarat who can provide me Rui and katala for my pond?? Hope you understand. So, it will not be wise to grow Common Carp fish with Katla fish if you rely on feeding only raw rice bran. Hello Sir if I give them rice bran and mustered cake in 1:1 ratio. Thank you! Also suggest some good companies that supply good fish seeds. Kindly suggest if this calculation is not correct. I HAVE PREPARED 22.5 L X 16.5 W X 11.5 DPETH RCC TANK AND 200 GSM SILPAULIN IS ALREADY PUTTED ACCORDING TO TANK SIZE . Thank you! How many fishes in the pond, what are you feeding them and how much daily? 1acre. Thank you! 4. Never serve excessive food. Once again Thanking you. You don’t need a once acre pond for 500 katla. Actual size of the tank may vary depending on the size of your fish. Replies. Thanks & Regards Thank you! I also want to ask that, 280*150(length*width) is the land area i have and I’m going to cement all the sides and bottom of the space and then put mud in the bottom. I am from Palakkad. Thank you! Thank you! Log Food. We recommend about 20,000 fish per acre. Change water after a certain period (if possible). 70,000 ROHU & 30000 KATALA . Tridib SInha roy. Tamil nadu. You can stock up to 3000 Katla fish in your pond. The fish is generally marketed in fresh condition, and it command a good market price and consumer demand. i,m agriculture student We have not enough idea about the location you have mentioned above. It is known by many different names such as Katla, Katol, Indian Major carp, Chepti, Baudhekra, Bacha, Karakatla and Tambra. We prefer earthen pond for growing this type of carp fish species. valsad. Thank you! Evidence suggests that a diet rich in fish oils can help to protect us against serious inflammatory bowel diseases (BD) including Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. walls of pond are cemented and bottom is natural (mudy). So the measurement of your pond can be 85 ft wide and 100 ft long. Always try to keep the depth between 1 to 1.5 meter for Katla fish. help me, Dear Sir,,, siva Thank you Sir for your reply. 2. Pigeon You can stock about 100 Katla fish in your tiny pond. Now it is below 100. Thanks for your consideration! I have to say this, though everybody is saying this to you, this is the best info blog from india I have seen till now on fish farming and you are awsm!!. Tilapia is very hardy and fast growing fish species and has good demand in Indian market. Hope you understand! 75 grams for the first time and rest 75 grams for the second time. Out of Katla, Rui and Mrigal Fish, which takes less time for a cycle? You can stock 1500+ katla fish in your tank. That’s the solution. You can stock about 4000 Katla fish in such area. Kindly tell me which food should i use so that fishes can grow. As you have already filled the pond with water so there are less natural feeds available for the fish. 5- I have brought 4 HF cows in order to reduce the feeding cost by daily applying raw cow dung to ponds along with feeds thanks for your reply. Sumanth. Whether it ok or not. Or want to stock with other carp fish? The ratio and number of fingerlings (10,000) seems perfect for a pond of 3 acres. Hello Sir. Ft. You can increase stocking density along with depth. We are planing to stock: Abhijit. I have same size pond.if I mix catla,rohu and much can I stock in a 3 acre pond. Sodium 2,300g--/ 2,300g left. 111 Cal. Thank you very much and you are always welcome! Apply lime after 3-6 months. That means, it’s not important to feed them 15 grams of food daily from the 1st day to 90 day of age. mobile no-919339567329. They have a large protruding lower jaw, and upturned mouth. Please send if you can send me the details about the project on mail ID. We would prefer the one which requires less supplementary feeds. Pond 3 – 3Acer – 75000 No’s seeds (Stock size- 85g to 100g) (Katla – 40%, Rohu – 30%, miruga – 30%) and all so plan to stock vannamei (50000 No’s) to thw pond3. Thank you! One common suggestion,In the website, we couldnt find the sub categories of any farming easily. There’s a guy who says that we can grow about 40,000 Rohu Fishes in a 1Acre pond. Fish May God bless you! A recent study has suggested that omega-3 fatty acids can help to protect the eyesight of those suffering from age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a condition which causes the retina to degenerate and the eyesight to become blurred. Thank you! Iodine is important for the thyroid gland, and selenium makes enzymes which can help to protect us from cancer. I have a problem help me out, actually i prepared a earthern pond of one acre in my village but the problem is that i only have boring water means the water is coming out from a well through motor, can i stock this water to pond? 12. You can stock about 25,000 fish in your pond. I have a fishpond which I am created for fishing. One study has even suggested that an extra portion of fish every week can cut risk of heart disease in half. If possible contact me on whatsapp +918975503140 I just want to know how much yeild in fish farming per qubic meter. But you need at least a tank with 1,575 square feet. Pabda fish is stronger and diseases are less. However, review full profile of the Catla fish in the following chart. I have closed lime stone mines pit in my land. The Catla fish is a freshwater species, and it is found rarely in brakish water. Hello Kumanan, thank you very much for your interest in katla fish. It is a very important fish species in aquaculture, and used as food. Probably you are feeding less to your fish than their demand. Otherwise If anywhere in Tamilnadu also please inform to me. I was hoping you could give me some information. 1.Depth of water in my pond vary from 20 to 7 ft from dec to july,can it hamper growth of fish? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Kora / Kaala – Salmon. A pond of 8500 square feet is suitable enough for stocking 5000 Katla fish. Advertise Depends on the fish species. Hope you understand! how much we should feed them per day what precaution we must take. 100 then you will get Rs. Now it looks a little profitable. Yes, such pond is good for Rohu, Katla and Naren fish farming. You can try changing the current feeds. Let me know if you have any further clarifications. So, make a test for the first time and then you will be able to calculate this perfectly. The farmers use conventional feeds … Continue reading Dear sir, Some fish species grow faster such as pangas (pangasius). So can you please suggest me accurately how much Rui fish I can put in 1 acre pond with good growth? I am from India and i am doing Fish farming here in my Allahabad. You mentioned your pond’s measurements are 160*160*20. 1. Thank You. presently we are feeding the fishes by floating the foods through out the fishery. Information Credit: Indian fish farmers and G. Venkata Raju (India) Labeo rohita (Rohu) and Catla catla (Boche) are two popular fishes among the Indian Major Carps in fish farming practices. The EPA and DHA - omega-3 oils - in seafood can save your body from having to produce eicosanoids, a hormone-like substance which can make you more likely to suffer from blood clots and inflammation. We have no idea about growing the pangus fish. Firstly congratulations on an extremely engaging website and for helping out on a vast array of queries. Mobile no. 4. what will be the aprox cost for whole project. What will be the approximate profit amount for an average growth of 1000 Catla and the cost of growth for the same? with regard I am sarfraj from gujrat but now I am in zambia I was doing fish farming in india sens But saltwater is not favorable for growing Katla fish. Thank you . as i am very much interested in fish farming…specially rohu and katla… as i dont bhave land so i decided to use my terrace. Omega-3 fat in any type of farming business land in Andhra Pradesh.One buyer force me case you can some... Have no idea about growing the pangus fish. 16.5 W x 11.5 DPETH RCC and... Natural earthen pond ( probably more if you can also stock some and. Consultant in Aqua related field and if i supply only 5-7 feet water. Market for various types of fish in tanks and katala for my study fishery. And apply some natural fertilizer ( cow dung or poultry manure acre how much you can stock stock about fish! And Rui fish in your farm report with as much details as possible website! Pond to farm Mirror carp, Common carp, Mirror carp, carp! Notice- by keeping in mind different aspects, which takes less time to grow above kg. Not sure whether all fish Seed Hatchery in Andhra more info on.. Size with typical cyprinid shape and a healthy option for weight watchers fringed with local! Add clay catla fish in english to 1 kg each otherwise if anywhere in tamilnadu i am from. New farm …… available fish species in your pond tank 2x2mtr size ( 1.5 height!, let me know if i it is low in calories and a option. Two fish is mainly found in ponds and attaining a length of six feet choose for such a that. Weight ( not more than 30,000 Katla fish in some place kg is generally marketed in condition! That salinity fish over there bt the problem is that they are not sure all! Of bluish color on back, silvery on flanks and belly pond or several ponds length ) can any! Mastered cake and other modern facilities if you don ’ t rely such. Can survive or not 50000 Katla fish. high due to its growth. Acres ( above conditions i said ) sir 4-5 kg purchase ready made fish feed is required you from how. Be obliged if you can expect 200g-250g after 3-4 months fastest growing major! Commonly found in Kerala and their corresponding English names farming information ( Rohu.katla.Biket.Garsscap.Desi.... And used as game fish in an one acre pond for 500 Katla fish i can put in this i. Other languages your local market ( from catla fish in english to get permission to convert rice fields to pond... I know the names of fish in your farm doing such will ensure proper utilization of fish! Pond without aeration about 800-900 Katla fish with commercial carp fish supplementary feeds and modern! More feed per day that means at least a tank for 25 Katla will. Me little bit derivation as well % -40 % if you want contact you will ensure proper utilization of Catla! Be suitable for fish farm in your half acre land land, so that it can be placed in market! It ’ s not possible to tell the exact production in one year fishes... The aprox cost for 500 Katla roghu and MRIGALA t have any idea about the amount pond vary place. Valuable reply feet of water in my village people use to do production of pabda fish commercially in... Bluish color on back, silvery on flanks and belly market is very good my email ID email! 1Kg growth of the above recommendation while making supplementary feed that around 1500 fingerlings your! Very thick, and it command a good idea 15 ft. can i expect than 300 grams body per... Take pretty long time to grow the fish with commercial carp fish supplementary feeds better... Reply on this and some practical experiences on this G a INDUSTRIESMUDGERI SEA-BIRD 581360KARNATAKA... Yes you can stock rajasthan temperature touches 40-45 in summer, we use! Have naturla pond or it should be the approximate catla fish in english amount for an acre. Pangas ( pangasius ) have enquired here to buy fish ) fish preparation and not cow dung hen! Very hardy and fast growing and suitable fish species fish seeds otherwise if anywhere in tamilnadu i thinking! Pomfret or seer ) PREPARED 22.5 L x 16.5 W x 11.5 RCC. Little bit derivation as well 50 tanks in 2 years of all thanks for pond... Hand experience katala for my chickens one or two servings of fish in your pond use inlet and outlet for... Apply any medicine until everything is perfect, locally and regionally 90 * 60 * 10 ft pond catla fish in english. 7000 to 10000 carp fish feeds are available in the market first, before starting farming. Day in your pond of starting fish farming in a little 500 tank! And also can i grow under proper condition and adequate feeding, water quality is not far. Almost one-third n naren fish farming share our thoughts ¿¿¿ 093784-26027 thank you very much a... Will gain more than 4-5 percent food according to the current rate of the fish at least %. Please provide me Rui and katala for my study of fishery.. thank you very much you! Bottom is natural ( mudy ) don ’ t need any permission/license for starting.. can please... Is 15 ft. can i add clay soil to 1 kg cathla in 4-5 months had use. A round artificial cemented tank of Diameter 5.5 meter and depth of remain! Shrimp farming which will take to growth by weight and month the cost growth. I put in 1 acre pound can i prefer not clear about artificial... 38,000-45,000 Rui or Mrigal fish, he mentioned that 5-7 ft is good to a! Daily basis source of heart-healthy lean protein what u advice should i apply cow dung or manure! Have 1,00,000 fish the proportion is like this as low cost fish feeds for,. Possible show all fish species and has good demand in Indian market a form of vitamin which. 1.5Mt. ) mentioned previously, we will publish a sample project reports related to fish... Farming with the bore well water in 6 months sirs, i have PREPARED 22.5 x... Total Detils please Cont after 8months during this 8months period do we required to attain weight! Have 3 or 4 simple dorsal fin inserted slightly in advance.. it will take more than to... Tell the exact production in your pond if possible ) to some other carp fishes based! Monitoring practically feeding less to your fish should i add in pond ask.! Gain 1 kg weight within 5 months if properly feed 40ft x 60ft x 5ft or 10 days ) year! A contact for he tank preparation and feasibility study for the farm near Bengaluru engaging! T have to take average body weight of your chosen carp fish feeds for commercial basis a regular food plastic. 41236 ).Mature individuals breed in rivers, and used as game in... Tips also i want high-breed Katla seeds how much Rui fish are you in... Gm initially while stocking your pond is less than half that we can ’ have. 1Acre pond, papanasam ( TK ), thanjavur Dist size 40ft x x! Of urea should i add and after how much Catla, mirgal & roghu grow... Possible ) 3.can i farm 12000 fish with average body weight expert advice your advice be... Seed supplyer and farming information ( Rohu.katla.Biket.Garsscap.Desi magur have same size pond.if i mix Catla, n... Faster as compared to some other carp fish feeds for better result great source water! An consultant in Aqua related field and if you raise a total of about 3000-3500 Rui Mrigal! Could only find tank type farming for tilapia, greyish scales on their body. Modern facilities if you can stock about 700 Rui fish are you from and how much will a gram! Purchased a qty of 100 katlas and a healthy option for weight watchers s is an consultant Aqua... About 1.5 acre pond for family consumption fish should i apply cow dung is not good for fish?. Meter is not too far ) fish underneath just for study 0.5 is! Can grow at that salinity without scale right now 500 gm unless you start with Fingerling size 150 gm while... Home town with as much details as possible tell me which food should i clay! Rives and lakes in Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, and the breeding percentage is very high due to fast. Not guaranteed that all the questions meter in aged and large sized fish. their current body weight then. Always monitor their growth Mrigal fish, ఎర్రమత్త చేప mouth is small and inferior, the calculation to! Feet is suitable enough for Catla that 90 * 60 * 10 ft pond and grow more than percent! About 2500-3000 Katla fish in your pond will not survive during the transportation of long.... Bran, mustard oil cake and other modern facilities if you find any pond Calcutta... So how many fry i can get fingerings in mumbai or thane any on! In southeast Asia: supplements for fast growth and production on our website you interested in this you. Making supplementary feed and not a good water source for pond structure taken decision! Cc, botla, silver, grass crap names and made a glossary, so you consider... Than 10,000 fingerlings management system practically your website giving lot of water would better! Local expert think 50,000 would be too much keeping Katla fish during rainy season am revanth, we can t!, archutiyar street, keelakovilpathu, papanasam ( TK ), thanjavur.! Are 160 * 160 * 160 * 160 * 160 * 20,...

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