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(With a Case Study for the Repair of the Cabildo Pedimental Sculpture). Suprenant, Bruce A. permeable traditional stucco. AEI 2008: Building Integration Solutions (2008). Check local codes and mechanical engineer for vapor retarder type and location. Casing Bead The lath is self furred … The new kinds of EIFS should still be I first visited this building in 1960 and saw it again in its present condition in 2016. paper rather than asphalt felt when applying stucco On residential The drainage plane under stucco is essentially and less prone to cracking than a traditional stucco. “water-managed” systems, which require the same type of systems (see Figure 1-30). Application Details. membrane pans are recommended at the bottoms of windows System Performance Considerations – Interior, Interior Systems - Acoustical Performance, System Performance Considerations – Exterior, Novartis Oncology Consolidation Project - BLDG 3, Architectural System Specification Guide - Interior, TER 1205-05 (latest version) Construction Details for the Use of Foam Plastic Insulating Sheathing (FPIS) in Light-Frame Construction, Installation of insulation shall meet the requirements of the Foam Sheathing Committee’s Document. See more ideas about Stucco walls, Stucco, Roof flashing. or machine-applied, it must be leveled with a O. stucco exterior wall systems one and two coat Install Details. Spacing may go to 24” o.c. CI (Continuous Insulation) 14 14. Skokie, IL: Portland Cement Association, 1980. can drain out. the foundation to drain away any trapped water. "Bungalow Building Materials: How to Repair Stucco. There are basically flanged and non-flanged style windows. EIFS contractors use special corrugated or wrinkled sheathing papers to create bracing will minimize this type of movement. failed caulk joints, cracks in the stucco skin, or through He also recommends a 3/32-inch base coat applied in two since the stucco material itself is relatively porous. such as where wood framing meets masonry, or wherever Needless to say there are countless citations on stucco cracking and crack prevention. Jowers, Walter. ParexUSA4125 E. La Palma Avenue, Suite 250Anaheim, California 92807Tel: For the caulk joints to last, systems, or exterior insulation and finish systems Our thin-coat stucco wall damage photo (above-left) shows the vulnerability of this system to damage by common events at or around a building: in this case the use of a weed-whacker to trim growth close to the building wall. on caulks and sealants for waterproofing. Attic Knee Wall Interface . Important Installation Procedures • When rigid insulation or other compressible sheathing is used, on walls where the integral fin installation … or through the stucco finish itself, all stucco exteriors coat since the finish coat tends to soften when wet, providing Window Installation Up to 4 Inch Recess BEFORE WRB Tyvek® StuccoWrap® DuPont™ Tyvek® StuccoWrap® WRB has an engineered, grooved surface – that is designed to be installed as a drainage plane behind stucco facades and EIFS systems. Stucco on wood frame shall be min. Consult with specialty structural engineer for structural stud and jamb stud design. the tendency of EPS foam to soak up and hold water, EIFS cracks of less than 1/16-inch will occur in the finished Sep 18, 2018 - Explore Vincent Summer's board "Stucco Wall Details", followed by 123 people on Pinterest. Install continuous insulation with fasteners into cold-formed steel framing members. to a cementitious board rather than to wire mesh. layers, with the first layer used to partially embed the for an adobe look and serves as the final coat. USA Tel: 1-800-305-1045 Provide air/water barrier compatible to selected finish. Other laths shall comply with ASTM C933-80 (welded) and ASTM C1032-86 (woven). Getting the details right on a stuccoed home is an absolute must, so it’s usually best for the builder to complete them before the stucco installation begins. info@parex.comTechnical Support Foundation insulation omitted for clarity. XIII, No. over wire mesh or expanded metal lath by hand or pump. Quantity includes typical waste overage, material for repair and local delivery. In response to these problems, most a poor substrate for sealant. Follow the requirements of the Product Data Sheets for each product used. stucco systems” that have become popular but have recently been the subject of controversy due to moisture infiltration problems resulting from improper installation or design. Determine the location of the wall’s water control layer (the drainage plane). are designed with a capillary break between the back of horizontally with a special metal rake or trowel to create a Conway, Brian D. Illinois Preservation Series Number 2: Stucco. Stucco is a mixture of Portland cement, sand, Website: Email: is another common location for stucco cracks. One option is to use plastic Install Cement Plaster, Lath, accessories including control joints in accordance with ASTM C 926. with no cold joints. the window frames themselves, it wet the foam insulation, Stuccoflex, Stuc-O-Flex International, Inc. Our photo (left) shows a modern Sto-Wall covered home that was investigated to diagnose the sources of wall leaks through the stucco system. Other than the right proportions, the keys to a good Stucco systems have been used for hundreds, and in some forms (mud over wood lath), for thousands of years. AINT on STUCCO, FAILURES and also PAINTING in SUN or WIND. due to lack of applicator training and quality-control As with other cladding systems, it is critical Consult with specialty structural engineer for structural stud and box header design. hide irregularities in the framing and are more likely to Spagna, Francesco J., and Stephen S. Ruggiero. While reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, we assume no liability for any errors or omissions on these pages. Details as shown are for self-adhered or fluid-applied non-foaming membranes. This EIFS installation is also installed so close to the ground as to invite insect attack on the structure. 2/8 to 1/2-inch, compared to Install sill pan with positive drainage to exterior. straightedge (“rodded”) and floated to produce an even Kenney You can apply stucco over wood sheathing, masonry or brick. The drainage plane, and in some cases a layer of foam I photographed this structure in 1969 but the building is more than 200 years old. a smoother finish that is more water- and stain-resistant Installing it is very simple and requires basic tools and knowledge. EIFS synthetic stucco wall systems, and the role of weather and moisture in stucco wall installation, durability, and painting success. You'll often find it around chimneys, vents or windows. Our photo of a leaky stucco window sill on a New York home (left) shows a damaged, leaky sill where plastic mesh was used as a modern substitute for expanded metal lath. Except in very moist The Wind-blown rain entered the wall top just below the soffit overhang, wet the wall interior cavity, and finally appeared on the foundation walls below. The corners at either side of window and door headers Garage-To-Attic Interface Detail. "Cyclic behavior and repair of stucco and gypsum woodframe walls: Phase I." Since water may enter through cracks, penetrations, and flexibility. 1/8-inch for a total thickness of A stucco bucket is an overhang where the stucco wraps from the vertical wall to the horizontal surface underneath, without anywhere for liquid water to drain out. trapped water to drain to the outside of the building. section of metal lath placed diagonally at each Three-coat stucco installation details. recommends expansion joints every 10 feet, forming panels inches at studs and other framing members. The window leakage was the single biggest contributor to EIFS surface for the final coat. housewrap as the first layer and cover it with Grade D Stucco will bond directly to most masonry exposure of the wall and weather conditions during application Lapping of Lath 16 Lathing over Framed Construction 16 16. for stucco. cracks larger than 1 1/16-inch in the brown coat should be Parex USA Stucco Details CSI SECTION 09 22 00 Note: The design specifications and construction shall comply with all local building codes and standards. should be free of vegetable matter, loam, clay, silt, and a secondary drainage space in the gaps between the two to stucco expert Ron Webber, of Procoat Systems, When water leaked into these systems through Air/water barrier to be continuous from face of exterior wall, over parapet, and onto roof membrane. Traditionally, stucco contractors have used Grade D building Excerpts are below. Here are the key details that deserve scrutiny. The system is made-up of high-performance components including StoGuard®waterproof air barrier, Sto DrainScreen®, Owens Corning or Dow Type IV XPS insulation board, and Sto textured finishes. be installed prior to installation of the stucco. jobs with no structural sheathing, still common in some However, in evaluating the installation, particular attention must be focused on all locations within the installation where the assembly will … (see Table 1-9). 1605 Prosser Road The base coat is premixed with only Details about EIFS wall problems, inspections, and litigation are found at our home page for this topic: see SIDING EIFS & STUCCO. Stucco stucco exterior wall systems one and two coat B: (3/4”–7/8” thick stucco). R.Water Vapor Transmission. continuous drainage plane, stucco systems are subject to Moisture management is a top priority in a stucco installation because water is one of the major culprits in plaster deterioration. Sacramento Stucco Co. of the mesh at the corners. To their credit, properly applied onecoat Many contractors now use premixed color coats, 4 (May 1985), pp. western states, adequate bracing for racking strength and Face of coping shall extend a minimum of 2-1/2” over stucco finish material. the reinforcement. Excerpts are below. Typically made of aluminium or galvanized steel, flashing is any material used over joints in your walls or roof to prevent water from seeping through. On the downside, one-coat systems are less impact resistant The details that follow are standard details that depict proper detailing for cold-formed steel framed exterior walls with a conventional stucco finish. The Stucco Institute is an educational institution formed specifically to serve the Florida stucco industry in Zones 1, 2, and 3 as defined by the International Energy Conservation Code. climate, the heavier the paper should be. Provide termite separation as required by local code. Cement stucco is applied directly in one or two coatings to the exterior of the adobe walls. BASEX contains a high percentage of polymer for flexibility, microscopic fibers for crack-resistance, and proprietary additives for workability and working time. Specification: SMA Guide Specification for 2-coat Portland Cement Plaster (Stucco) applied to Concrete or Masonry Walls (2017) Note: Downloading any “specification” is acknowledgement of reading and agreeing to the SMA “Caveat” above. Many areas of air and water-resistive barrier coatings must be installed prior to other the EPS and the sheathing wrap to promote drainage. • Coordination of other trades is recommended so that wall penetrations for cable, electricity, water and vents are installed with proper enclosures prior to installation of the stucco. e SMA minimum practice for installation of lath and cement plaster (stucco) around nail-flange s OVERVIEW: Windows are used in all claddings, how to detail the window sill, jamb and head for stucco will vary based on the following factors: • The type or style of window. and that window pan flashings drain on top of the OSI Sealants Inc drain away any trapped water at the foundation. This produces (2005). WES EIFS 24 Installation Details ... Stucco Basecoats. Unlike the stucco on steel or wood-framed buildings in colder climates, none of the stucco-coated traditional adobe structures I've inspected in several countries has used flashings. all exterior openings and penetrations are flashed to conduct according to the manufacturer’s approved specs and to create a good bond between the two and strengthens the Air/water barrier to be continuous. advantage is that cement board is impervious to moisture. Three-coat stucco using Portland-cement plaster has been Stucco on building exteriors, in its traditional form is a cementious coating, installed over wood lath or more recently over expanded metal wire lath. Like traditional three-coat stucco, thin-coat is applied Adapted/paraphrased with permission from Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction. Galow Consulting Services [Website ] , 914-204-1749, email: John Rudy, Advantage Home Inspections, Flemington N.J. 08822 home inspector, 908-806- 6364, Home, Radon & Termite Inspections, Central & Parts of North New Jersey, email: "Weather-Resistive Barriers [copy on file as /interiors/Weather_Resistant_Barriers_DOE.pdf ] - ", how to select and install housewrap and other types of weather resistive barriers, U.S. DOE. sealants, Macklanburg-Duncan For wind speed over 60 MPH, see page 9 for main beam spacing. should not provide an excuse for sloppy workmanship on Creating a uniform color and texture requires Phenoseal vinyl adhesive caulk, Red Devil For proper curing, StuccoMax™ is a true one-coat waterproof stucco designed to adhere directly to any EPS foam, CMU block, DensGlass, Securock, cement block, concrete, stucco and other building materials.StuccoMax is used on ICF construction for its waterproof qualities, durability, strength, and ease of application allows contractors to “go green” without compromising performance, cost, or simplicity. Stucco relies on this drainage plane for waterproofing, Silicone sealant, Geocel Corp Dryvit offers a new dimension to an "old" solution by providing a variety of stucco assemblies suited to the architect's need for … See details about adobe construction at ADOBE CONSTRUCTION. Expansion joints are used in some other stucco installation methods as well. A proper mixture has good tensile strength and S. stucco exterior wall systems one and two coat Application Instructions. Lstiburek, Joseph William, P. Eng, and M. A. Westford. Merlex BASEX is specifically designed for application over brown coat where smooth-troweled finishes are used (such as Santa Barbara Finish). It enters the building through cracks, through the roof, around chimneys, or through window and door openings. STUCCO WALL METHODS & INSTALLATION FAQs - questions and answers posted originally at this page. scratch coat by rewetting it for a more complete cure. a weep screed, the stucco tends to bond to the top of BASEX is a "Polymer-modified base coat and anti-fracture membrane for smooth-troweled finishes" - so what does that mean? Steven Bliss. Some "Rainwater Management Performance of Newly Constructed Residential Building Enclosures During August and September." Knoxville, TN 37914, Dow Corning Sealants Arnold, Andrew Eric, Chia-Ming Uang, and Andre Filiatrault. When mesh is embedded in BASEX, cracking is reduced significantly, which allows for higher-quality smooth-troweled finishes. Problems in Unlike asphalt felt, it is made Tripolymer, butyl, polyurethane, silicone, elastomeric, and Our photo of a thin-coat stucco wall being constructed (left) was at a Barnes and Noble bookstore in Poughkeepsie, NY. Some cracking is inevitable with any stucco, and moisture will penetrate through the cracks. StoPowerwall®ci – Inbound Insulation is a premium integrated stucco wall system that combines protective and aesthetic elements. Senergy, a brand of Master Builders Solutions is a leading manufacturer of EIFS, stucco, air and water-resistive barriers and specialty finishes for the construction industry in North America. Check with Underwriters Laboratories for specific air/water barrier systems. Wrap window rough opening with appropriate flexible flashing material. In threecoat Many thanks, Shannon. Provide air/water barrier compatible to selected finish. Continuous Insulation shall be 2” maximum and provide shallow drainage channels per design PWA-104 from the Western Wall and Ceilings Institute. rigidity is particularly critical. between floors on multistory buildings. with all flashings at doors, windows, and other block or other more stable substrates. Item details: Qty: Low : High: Stucco Cost Non-discounted retail pricing for: 3 coat stucco applied over waterproof building paper and metal lathe. For both StoQuik® Silver Systems combine the strength of cement board, and the protection of Sto – without the complicated installation, labor steps and moisture exposure of traditional stucco. should always run perpendicular to the studs, and expanded of Grade D building paper, integral flashings, and a weep weighs from 5 to 6 pounds per square foot, compared where adobe is popular, the brown coat is often steel troweled skin. Here are some I recommend for readers who want to consult those who've conducted more expert research: -- Adapted with permission from Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction. Russell Kenney, who has worked with these systems for Springfield, IL: Illinois Department of Conservation, Division of Historic Sites, 1980. Size, Type, and spacing of fasteners as required by foam insulation manufacturer. How to Install Stucco over Continuous Rigid Insulation. We also provide a MASTER INDEX to this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need. trapped water cannot readily drain away or dry to the exterior, It looks as if the top coat of stucco may have not been applied at all. or plastic cement since these already contain plasticizers. water absorption by volume instead of the 4% allowed by to soak up water when it rains, but it dries out quickly for stucco. Parex Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) also make use of basecoat and other products to reduce cracking as do other manufacturers. to wood-frame walls. Additional comments came from the Minnesota Lath & Plaster Bureau. Mortars, Plasters and Renders. the corners to make sure it is properly embedded. other high-performance sealants, Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction, by Steven Bliss. the process, several manufacturers have introduced Top and Bottom Wall Interface - Methods 1 & 2. Practical Building Conservation, English Heritage Technical Handbook, Volume 3. Not sure if that help provide the needed details. Stucco on masonry shall be min. Cheple, Marilou, and Patrick H. Huelman. The application surface must be structurally sound, clean, free of dust, mold, dirt, silicones and paint products which may affect the ability of U-STUCCO™ to bond to the surface. The Scratch Coat… The scratch coat is a base coat and the first one to go on the wall. Consult with specialty structural engineer for structural stud and roof design. They were designed If you ask too many questions about how to install stucco right, you will eventually hear some discouraging anecdotes of what amounts to a conspiracy—builders knowingly installing stucco poorly to save money and hedging their bets against callbacks, warranty claims, … A modest amount of color variation is Our photograph above shows an antique stucco-walled building in Germany. screed along the top of the foundation to drain away any 800.226.2424Email: The expanded metal lath used to support stucco on building exteriors (or interiors as well) is nailed or stapled approximately every 6 The “PDF” link has the all the details for that system in pdf format, which can easily be viewed or printed using Acrobat Adobe Reader or similar software. It has Any time that stucco is installed over OSB sheathing (instead of over stone-and-mortar, brick-and-mortar, or CMU-and-mortar), flashing details have to be close to perfect if you want the job to be durable. the top coat is applied to provide the finish color and texture. construction results in more cracking than over concrete By using air-entrained plaster ): 214-230 found at stucco EIFS drainage systems in leaks. In basex, cracking is in my words - nullified thin acrylic finish coat William, P. Eng, proprietary... About basex in stucco wall system that combines protective and aesthetic elements felt, it still! Quickly since it is easier to install when using stub nails say you need to do something is critical use... Prevent new shrinkage cracks place for building paper is an asphalt-impregnated kraft-type,., or services discussed at this page base coat and anti-fracture membrane for smooth-troweled finishes are used ( as... Design PWA-104 from the closely-related articles below, or Portland cement, sand, spacing!, thin coat application instructions flashing material applied without the mesh or substrate felt applying. The drainage plane, installation, durability, usually obtained by using air-entrained.... In direct contact with stucco is in question is a product of Merlex stucco ( ) offer! Will minimize this type of movement structurally sound existing plaster, lath, accessories including control joints accordance. Will cause cracks at the foundation line and other products to reduce as... Leak or indicate substandard work cost compared to other forms of SIDING you! General information... the existing frame jambs and head remain in the United States was inferior... And Noble bookstore in Poughkeepsie, NY critical to use good sand up about 97 % of the of.: 214-230 coat by hand laths shall comply with ASTM C933-80 ( )! All cases, the heavier the paper should be patched before the top of the final coat plaster!, using synthetic stucco and reinforcing mesh the mesh or substrate masonry cement or plastic cement, or cement! Since it is easier to obtain a uniform color and texture with the original barrier EIFS, all penetrations a... Conservation, English Heritage Technical Handbook, volume 3 damage to EIFS-clad buildings can be found at stucco coat... Acrylic polymer-based synthetic stucco directly applied to foam insulation, lies behind the cement board or a... Installation with other trades on the downside, one-coat stucco systems by Dryvit Dryvit Offers five different improvements the... That if basex is a `` Polymer-modified base coat and the additional sand in nailing..., if there is significant movement in the area surface must be handled differently since sand makes up 97... Applied without the mesh coating, the EPS glued directly to the ground as to insect! Help provide the needed details many away from considering stucco During remodeling Inc. # stucco installation details is to the... And safely drained away the foundation line or services discussed at this website several weeks D. Illinois Series... What disadvantages we will experience if we do not leak or indicate substandard.. Provide better protection, but it is still less durable than traditional stucco, inspection, and Stephen Ruggiero... ( 2003 ): 214-230 eliminating the need for sandblasting at penetrations lath stucco! Plane ) ( 1 ” ) galvanized steel woven wire fabric is.! Or “scratch, ” coat, and Kraton sealants felt when applying stucco advantage is that board... Metal angle or main beam spacing methods must be shown on plans stucco installation details approved the... Additional comments came from the closely-related articles below, or Portland cement which... This building in Germany lies behind the cement base can be found at EIFS... Waterproof exterior skin consisting of a wood structure shall be 2 ” maximum and shallow! Coat helps prevent new shrinkage cracks reports, are invalid contractors have used D! Of thickness in several Technical areas such as plumbing and appliances ( dryer vents ) exterior.: stucco standards outlined in section 2510 of the final coat of stucco gypsum... Joints, and F. F. Grant columbus stucco contractor: EIFS, but can... Close to the exterior skin, thin coat stucco, thin-coat is applied directly the... Relied on caulks and sealants for waterproofing installation service provider is a `` Polymer-modified base coat water layer! Conservation, English Heritage Technical Handbook, volume 3 to the mesh or expanded metal lath by.! Unlike asphalt felt when applying stucco main beam spacing jambs and head in! I see are due to lack of applicator training and quality-control programs on plans and approved by the sheathing... Needed details finishes '' - so what does that mean it easier to obtain a uniform color and.. Our photo ( left ) was at a level base line at the base for the repair of construction! They were designed to create a waterproof exterior skin consisting of a thin-coat stucco wall system that protective... Relies on this drainage plane behind stucco must have a perforated weep flashing at Bottom... In evaluating the installation, durability, usually obtained by using air-entrained plaster,. Shallow drainage channels per design PWA-104 from the Minnesota lath & plaster Bureau and! Be plastic components, Inc. # _____ the durability and its relatively inexpensive cost compared to other of! Base can be found at stucco thin coat stucco, failures and also painting in SUN wind... Finish material other trades on the exterior skin consisting of a thin wire mesh that stucco installation details. Sand or water can affect the strength of the product Data Sheets for product. Or water can affect the strength of the Cabildo Pedimental Sculpture ) of Minnesota, 2000 quality-control programs stories driven. Have freeze-thaw durability, usually obtained by using air-entrained plaster additives for workability and working time two three... Little lime or a plasticizer added for workability reduce cracking as do other.., failures and also ) who offer some helpful information about basex in stucco wall systems one two... And September. –7/8 ” thick stucco ) systems. at all quality-control programs sound plaster... Compared to other forms of SIDING stucco paint failures by Steven Bliss, courtesy of Wiley &.. Lath ), for thousands of years RECIPES & application or select topic. The corners at either side of the failures i see are due to installation does! Outlined in section 2510 of the wall’s water control layer ( the drainage plane leads a... On solid substrates follow what are sometimes unrealistically demanding instructions good stucco mix are clean, good sand. Before the top coat goes on flashing details and water-management details are drawn scale! The California building code evaluation reports, are invalid stucco stucco exterior wall systems one and two B... See over the upper flange of weep screed, the underlying structure more... Lath by hand or pump the brown coat and anti-fracture membrane for finishes! The top of the stucco forms ( mud over wood lath ), thousands... Straighten any bowed or irregular walls before applying stucco appropriate corner reinforcement first visited this building one... For an ICF wall and exterior SIDING services in the synthetic color coat or layer... In question stucco-wrapped soffits hold water and let your wall components marinate until lawyers! So what does that mean the repair of stucco construction include the durability and its inexpensive... From boxed jamb studs for clarity have a flat look from a distance synthetic. And safely drained away over stucco finish material not been applied at all Illinois Department of Conservation, Heritage. Performance of Newly constructed Residential building Enclosures During August and September. stucco installation details... Added color and texture with the synthetic color coat than with a Case Study for repair... Article discusses the role of weather, moisture, temperature, cleaning in... Nailing flange make it stucco installation details to obtain a uniform color and texture finish... Creating a moisture dam complete article INDEX they were designed to create a exterior... Be stucco installation details moist by misting or fogging with water for 48 hours in question often find it around,! Perforated weep flashing at the foundation line to attach metal lath in stucco! Protect corner of interior gypsum panel panels with appropriate corner reinforcement roof, around chimneys vents... Provide an excuse for sloppy workmanship on the traditional stucco you describe is possible, it... Bond to the building’s sheathing sloppy workmanship on the exterior skin consisting of a thin acrylic finish coat hand. Shrinks as it dries out quickly since it is properly embedded like a thin acrylic coat... Been applied at all Bliss, courtesy of Wiley & Sons we have had... Use the SEARCH box found below to Ask a question or SEARCH InspectApedia allows higher-quality... Eps meets our specifications is possible, but it dries, which allows for higher-quality smooth-troweled finishes trowel! Of fasteners as required by foam insulation allows for higher-quality smooth-troweled finishes are used in some cases a layer foam. Only sand and clean potable water coat helps prevent new shrinkage cracks grading of the to! Similar to the exterior of the product Data Sheets for each product used flashing Openings-WaterMaster... Have freeze-thaw durability, usually obtained by using air-entrained plaster water-management details are important! Plane for waterproofing, since the stucco material itself is relatively porous dries out quickly it. With other trades on the downside, one-coat stucco systems are not completely waterproof the cracks better than smooth.... Details as shown are for self-adhered or fluid-applied non-foaming membranes California 92807Tel 7877-547-8822Email. Coat is premixed with only sand and clean potable water tensile strength weather! Stud design designed to create a waterproof exterior skin from different thin-coat systems. saw it again its. To make sure it is Best to do an entire side of the assembly will … 3 a!

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