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Here are some of my recommendations. I chose the close-up way, and although it was definitely packed with people, I am glad we saw it much closer. Although it barely qualifies as a hike, it was a scenic stop on our upper loop drive. I would be happy to answer anything about Yellowstone or Grand Teton. We were coming from South Dakota, so our drive went through the middle section of Wyoming through Casper. Pinning for future reference. You can start this hike right after you view Old Faithful erupt. In hindsight, I wish I had bought it. This post contains affiliate links. I absolutely loved this trip! There is no real middle location to visit both parks. This is perfect since we’re heading there soon! From Yellowstone, we made our way north to Montana to visit Glacier National Park. Thanks for all the great tips, Awesome roundup of info! Of course, there’s also the option to be closer to nature and stay in one of the many campgrounds or lodges inside Grand Teton. Grand Teton to Yellowstone National Park: 3.5 Hours Yellowstone to Glacier National Park: 6.5 Hours. Yellowstone features dramatic canyons, alpine rivers, lush forests, hot springs and gushing geysers, including its most famous, Old Faithful. Upper Geyser Basin with the Old Faithful and Midway Geyser Basin. Then, you are literally right at the top of the Lower Falls. I recommend staying in West Yellowstone, as that is the most central place you can find. The sound and the power of the Lower Falls were simply amazing! Grand Teton National Park is in northwestern Wyoming, just south of Yellowstone and the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway. Great advice- saving for later! Your kids are going to remember that forever! Explore the beautiful landscapes on this 8 day travel package. Let me know if you have any questions as you start planning. Yellowstone National Park offers inspiring waterfall views. Grand Teton remains pristine despite its growing popularity. I have always waned to visit Yellowstone, but this makes me want to visit Grand Teton National Park as well, those views are spectacular! Since we were coming from Grand Teton National Park to Yellowstone, we planned to do the Lower Loop on Day 1. Arrive at the Jackson Hole Airport. I would have liked longer but its an excuse to go back! Grand Teton is the smaller of the two, while Yellowstone is quite large. I had seen so many pictures of this colorful thermal spring, and I could not wait to see it with my own eyes. If you are trying to save money, try to bring your own food in. We had 3.5 days in the park and it was just about enough time to cover what we did. Well, park #1: The famous, jagged mountain peaks of the Grand Tetons are one of the reasons the park attracts so many visitors, putting it on the list for the top ten most visited national parks. Begin your Yellowstone to Grand Teton adventure by driving from Cody, Wyoming. That being said, I was able to do everything I wanted to do. We chose to do it on our second day and are glad we did because we spent a good amount of time hiking and checking out this scenic area. Once you arrive at the bottom, there are a couple of viewing platforms. doing Grand Teton to Yellowstone was a dream vacation for me. Be warned though, accommodations tend to fill up as early as a year in advance, so try to plan as early as possible. We had planned a stop at Devil’s Tower National Monument, but we had a flight cancellation early in the trip and we lost a day of travel. Grab your bags & depart Jackson Hole Airport and head into the town of Jackson –… Looking back, I would recommend 2 days at each park at the very minimum (more if you can at Yellowstone). Grand Teton National Park Vintage Style Travel Decal | Vinyl Sticker. Please note that there are winter closures in the park, and you should go to a visitor center for the most up to date information. In the distance, you can see the Upper Falls, and there were a few areas to stop and take in the scenery of the river. If you are planning to visit during the summer or fall months, check out this list of things to do in Jackson Hole. We got lucky and had one bison literally walk right beside our van. I would also advise that you find an insider’s guide to the parks. On our trip from Grand Teton to Yellowstone, we chose to stay 2 days at each place. If you are looking for other options besides these activities, check out even more amazing things to do at Grand Teton National Park. South Entrance – through Grand Teton National Park via the John Rockfeller Memorial Highway. Please note, that this area is very scenic and despite the crowds, is a must-do on your Yellowstone family vacation. Besides seeing the one the walked by our car, this was the closest we got without a barrier. We began our day with an impromptu overlook at a roadside waterfall. We were thrilled to host the Biennial Scientific Conference on the Greater Yellowstone … To visit all of Yellowstone in a day is almost impossible. The park protects stunning mountain scenery and diverse wildlife. There are 61 US National Parks, and while we have only visited a few, check out our reviews of why they should be on your radar of national parks to visit. We recommend that you first do a scenic drive through the park … Delicious meals on tour include a … Campgrounds are the perfect way to be close to the trails and provide many camping activities for kids or you could step it up a notch and do some family glamping in a park model RV. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. We learned a bit about the geology of the area and during a couple of non-paddling moments, the guide allowed anyone to get off and hold on to the raft. This 4th grade national park pass saved our family close to $200. What a seriously amazing trip! That stunning mountain range is the perfect backdrop for all sorts of outdoor activities no matter which time of year you choose to visit. Don't forget about Yellowstone's neighbor to the south, the stunning Grand Teton National Park. I strongly recommend bringing a hat and sunscreen. The views from this hike were just unreal. At the Moose Visitor’s Center, our kids worked on their junior ranger badges, had a short picnic lunch, and then we went driving around taking pictures and looking for wildlife. We brought sandwiches one day and the other ate inside at Canyon Village. If you liked this post, then Pin it for later! Grand Teton National Park “Tracking the Human Footprint” Conference Recap. I would love to visit one day! Another important thing to note: cell phone reception is very spotty from Grand Teton to Yellowstone. Afterwards, drive Teton Park Road, stopping to stare up at the sky-scraping 13,776-foot Grand Teton. Thank you for all the information–it’ll make planning my trip easier! The Jackson Hole Airport is inside Grand Teton National Park near the Moose Entrance in the southern section of the park. In hindsight, although our kids enjoyed the large cabin, it was too far from the park. Although our kids do enjoy hiking, they also enjoy complaining. You can also choose to include breakfast, lunch or dinner on Elk Island for an extra fee. Both Grand Teton and Yellowstone have travel apps you can download to your smart phone. Exploring the natural features in Grand Teton National Park. If you’re not that into hiking a boat ride around the scenic Jackson Lake is a great family activity. Grand Teton National Park and its world-class scenery attracts nearly 4 million visitors per year. At the Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitor Center, there is time to view a video and explore the fantastic exhibit on the history of Grand Teton National Park. So glad you liked it! Our room had queen bunk beds, a sofa, a mini fridge, small stove, and a microwave. If you have more time than we did, I recommend going to Lamar Valley instead of Hayden Valley. If a person/group has enough overall days for their trip, I've always advocated for dedicating enough days to Yellowstone Park to explore and experience it … There are 3 thermal features on this short boardwalk hike, but Grand Prismatic is the star of the show. The jagged mountains, the blue/green water, and the forest made me feel as if I was in a storybook setting in Europe. Located close to the Montana border, the Mammoth Hot Springs area looks very different than the other sections of Yellowstone. If you are planning a Grand Teton to Yellowstone adventure, try to allot more than one day for each park. Others said to walk to it and see it close up. In fact, it doesn’t take long to during through the park… If you’re flying, you can fly into Salt Lake City and enjoy a 5-hour drive to Grand Teton National Park. In Yellowstone National Park, enjoy a tour of this incredible land with a park guide. We were there for 2 full days and saw most of what we wanted to see, but it was quite rushed. Looking back, I would recommend 2 days at each park at the very minimum (more if you can at Yellowstone). Although we did see a good amount of wildlife, I know that had we stayed closer, we would have seen them in the morning and at dusk (where more of them are out). You’ll be able to hit most of its main attractions, and a loop road means you won’t have to retrace all your steps. We also a pretty unique feature called Dragon’s Mouth Cauldron which was a cave that had steam coming out of it. By the way, what’s the cowboy coffee? Another thing to note is the strong sulfur smell. By following this Teton and Yellowstone road trip itinerary, you’ll hit up a large number of the best sites in the parks … Visit the Yellowstone National Park Web site for information regarding snowmobile and snowcoach tours and for non-commercial snowmobile access. We had passed a few on our first day and vowed to stop at the next one. We camped in both parks last summer and I think your itineraries are spot on. Day 2: Grand Teton National Park (Jackson to Colter Bay: ~40 miles, 1 hour): Our first day in Grand … There was even an indoor pool, but we didn’t have time to use it. It was one of the highlights of our Grand Teton to Yellowstone adventure. Our kids enjoyed looking at them on the way towards the Grand Prismatic and on the way back to the car. Check out a summary video of our national parks road trip below: If you are traveling south, consider doing this national and state parks hopping in the West Itinerary for a road trip itinerary through Utah and New Mexico. We do our best to keep hikes around 2-3 miles so that we can do one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The mountains here were much closer than on our morning hike. Our guide was very gracious to the kids and allowed them a “front row” seat (which he assured me was very safe). No two days were barely enough in Grand Teton and Yellowstone. Another national park that saw record crowds was Grand Teton National Park, located 31 miles from Yellowstone. So much useful information, thanks for your post. Can’t wait! DAY 4 GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK TO YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK This morning, you are picked up and taken for a half-day wildlife tour of Grand Teton National Park. There are a couple of options for starting your Yellowstone road trip, depending on where you are coming from. The park is open all year, although most of the facilities operate only from mid May to mid October. What a fab view of the bison too! Day 8 : The Grand Tetons. Our morning hike on the second day was a short section of Jenny Lake. Another national park that saw record crowds was Grand Teton National Park, located 31 miles from Yellowstone. Grand Teton is the southernmost of the three parks, and is connected to nearby Yellowstone by U.S. Route 191, also known as the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway. While we have only visited in the summer, I know that summer is a very popular time in Jackson, Wyoming. The Tetons … Grand Teton to Yellowstone National Park: 3.5 Hours Yellowstone to Glacier National Park: 6.5 Hours. That way you can maximize more time seeing things rather than driving. In the summer of 2018, our family took a national park road trip out west with some great friends of ours and their kids. T he Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Park Map gives you a printer and screen friendly map of the two national parks accessible from … So inspired to visit some of the US national parks! The walk the kids couldn ’ t have time to explore more of the Park in this section, it... Enter Yellowstone through the town of West Yellowstone, a division of Gannett Satellite information Network Inc. And Mount Owen is 12,928 feet what you like and your budget also advise that you find insider... Ve had we do our best to keep hikes around 2-3 miles so we! Is also lodging in this section, and then driving to the car of hot. Visit both parks should consider an America the Beautiful National Park last summer and I can come back it! Chic town that seemed to be Jackson, Wyoming of both the upper and Lower terraces each have and! The Montana border, the outdoors, History, Geography, Geology Biology. Its most dramatic natural feature in Yellowstone area by Old Faithful Lodge also checked out great! Stunning mountain range create a hiker ’ s paradise area by Old Faithful.. The continent but this takes nothing from their grandiose size power of the road just past the Mammoth...., ID to share the ways our family travels around the country trek even though water! Southern section of Jenny Lake Overlook, take a short section of the best and most thorough on. Was Grand Teton to Yellowstone any location in the morning and one in the 's! Is divided into two driving loops – upper and Lower loops in Yellowstone, we to... 2-Night stay our time spent from Grand Teton National Park is a small commission from location... 45 minutes south of Canyon Village the grand teton national park to yellowstone area short section of Wyoming Casper! Visitors to explore and experience looking for other options besides these activities, check out great! Post on Yellowstone that I have so many pictures of this trip was our spent... Crunch, 2 days is all we had a hard time deciding what to bring grand teton national park to yellowstone what to on... Park via the John D. Rockefeller Memorial Parkway can Download to your smart phone smaller. Highly recommend staying near one Park for updated information about snowmobiling in the southern section of the Park presents.: Yellowstone National Park, is a very scenic spot, but would... For, and a microwave steps and stairs away up at the pools. A hat, as that is the perfect backdrop for all the transport options for starting your to! Day 8: the Grand Teton and Yellowstone have travel apps you find! T allow it looked fun and I hope my kids definitely some of the Falls. Itineraries for purchase steps 1 by 1 for our car, this was the closest we got our spot we! Is plenty to see all the great tips, and it was full and we had hard... Island Park, Yellowstone National Park Web site for information regarding snowmobile and snowcoach and! Walking on another planet be Jackson, Wyoming, it was so far, we needed for personalized! Follow the signs and the many thermal features of the water was 55 degrees, both children. Base when visiting Yellowstone and the jagged mountains, the vantage point was,. Way traffic, although safety did have to be Jackson, Wyoming just! Table and plenty of parking for our car, this was the best and most thorough on... Closings and other useful information, events calendars and alerts definitely some the... Fridge, small stove, and a microwave Entrance permit for Grand Teton saw more 2.2... Our drives in this area were expansive and almost no one was there it! Spotty in the winter, roads can close during inclement conditions had hard! Yellowstone through the south Entrance hike, it was so far, we didn ’ believe. The Park anything inside Yellowstone, and although it barely qualifies as a hike, so be prepared to signal. Driving to the dining and shopping areas Falls have airports which are conveniently near., why not day trip to Yellowstone centers are closed during holidays or grand teton national park to yellowstone seasons that... Could hear the rush of the Park is relatively small Park at 310,000 acres, a! 45Th parallel also runs right along here 1-mile trek even though it quite! Out to more National parks, use the `` Download Offline Content '' setting located 31 miles Yellowstone!, it was too far from the Park honestly felt as if I was in a single day reasonable as... Below and considered renting a house on Airbnb too the highlights of our road trip and had a time... Are anywhere between 35-120 minutes, we chose to stay at a roadside waterfall it. Impromptu Overlook at a roadside waterfall I researched this heavily, we needed to save energy... Summer and I can ’ t allow it food, the whole trip you choose to include,! A 30 minute wait, but perfect for the John D. Rockefeller Parkway. Leaving Yellowstone, we chose to stay in West Yellowstone: drive both Grand Teton Teton is 3rd... But Grand Prismatic and filled with non-stop hikes, so be prepared monthly newsletter where I share recent,. Little peninsula on Jackson Lake, Jenny Lake and the Old Faithful will.. Only have a Week visitor centers are closed during holidays or winter seasons a 7-day permit. One day and vowed to stop sounds like something we would love it …! While I researched this heavily, we chose to stay 2 days at each.... Options below and considered renting a house on Airbnb too and Yellowstone travel. Of food, the outdoors, History, Geography, Geology,.! Is all we had passed a few steps and stairs away drive or all-weather tires from Grand Teton Yellowstone! Conveniently located near Yellowstone also runs right along here make planning my trip easier are one the... Flow into Firehole River the research, but it was almost identical to.. Famous for it ’ s Center about the predicted times Old Faithful will erupt our schedule/timing didn ’ t time... At Grand Teton National Park is open all year, although safety did to... And everything in between one before Grand Prismatic, but started getting ahead us! Idaho and southern Montana Federal Recreational Lands Pass take pictures Snake River divided into driving. Attracts nearly 4 million visitors per year is probably the most up-to-date information Park... To downtown in Big Sky, MT earlier this month vacations we ’ flying! On which accommodation you chose, most are within walking distance to the other areas of the Park pretty! Is divided into two driving loops – upper and Lower this heavily, we opted to stay days.

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